Sunday, July 20, 2008

So, Sue J, what's going on?

We have hit the ground running since we got back from vacation. The top of Killington Mountain seems like a distant memory. *Loud sigh*

As you may remember, just before we left we had a bit of a plumbing catastrophe that we uncovered in our innocuous remodeling of the upstairs bathroom. Well, $500 later and three plumbing issues have been resolved. So yesterday Unnamed Partner and I finished laying down the subfloor and the backerboard. Thats sounds like so little work, but when you factor in the 98 degree heat outside and the fact that we just have window AC units, the number of times we had to go down to the basement for this tool or that, or carrying pieces of subfloor (plywood) and backerboard (which is really heavy) upstairs. (Oh yeah, and the requisite trip to Home Depot in the middle of everything.) We were so beat that we actually fell into bed before it was dark outside. And when I say we "fell into bed" it's not quite like the old days. We were both asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

If you want romance on a Saturday night, don't renovate a bathroom all day long.

But, I'm skipping over the fact that Unnamed Partner treated us to Indian carryout, and that I had my all time favorite comfort food, Chicken Korma, accompanied by a delicious Bass Ale. What is it about hard physical labor that makes good food and good beer taste all that much better?

I know this post sounds a bit random, but I guess I'm trying to explain why my recent posts have not been very substantive. I haven't been very good about scheduling my time lately, so emails have gone unanswered and posts just roll around in my head.

We're headed off to church in a few minutes, and I know I will have some things to write about when we get back. It's an Episcopal Church in our neighborhood that we started attending when Unnamed Partner's brother, known to the blog world as Scepter66, began to lose his battle with pancreatic cancer. The priest, a woman, came to visit him and we all just fell in love with her. Well, she's leaving this church this month and moving to Connecticut. And I just found out recently her history with this particular congregation before we started attending. Seems she stood up and publicly backed the Episcopal Church's decision to ordaining a gay man as bishop -- and a third of the congregation left. She's been trying to rebuild the congregation ever since.


donald said...

oh those renovation projects. they just seem to go on and on, don't they. hope there is light at the end of the tunnel with yours!

talked with my mom in lancaster yesterday, and she was complaining about the heat. i didn't have the heart to tell her it was 71 here in this part of maine! have to love those sea breezes!

FranIAm said...

UGH! Blogger ate my comment.

Anyway, I have much to say but will not restate it, about the Episcopal church. A big part of my blogging community is made up of Episcopal bloggers... many of them LGBT themselves, many of them clergy.

I have found nothing but an exceptional community of support and love among them.

Which I almost posted about today, but held back for some reason.

Good luck with your ongoing work in the bathroom. Sheesh- that is work!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those projects that never seem to end....I hope you feel like you made progress!

Lauralew said...

Hugs to you for lots of reasons. I came over here from Fran's place. I lived in southern MD for two years and while there was a lay seminarian at VTS. My spouse, Taciturn, is a native of Towson, MD.

I understand bathroom and other types of interior renovations... Can be messy.

My very favorite rector in all of the Episcopal churches I've attended in my travels as a military spouse lost his job due to his vote at Convention to consecrate VGR. I really do not understand the fear that accompanies all of this. Thanks for your post.

Sue J said...

Welcome, lauralew! Hope you come back and visit often!