Friday, June 1, 2007

My Daily Rant

I ride the train to work each day. (No, that's not my rant -- wait for it.) In the evenings, there's a woman who always sits in a certain seat, reading the Washington Post really, really quickly. There's nothing wrong with a little routine, god knows I love it. However, she also always sits on the aisle seat so that there is an empty seat next to her. She seems to think she gets two seats, even though the train fills up station after station. When I get on the train, someone always asks her politely "May I sit there?" to which she always responds with a roll of the eyes, flap of the paper, no words, and the slightest shift of her knees so that the person has the least possible amount of space in which to get to the aforementioned seat.

Now, I don't know this woman. She may be a wonderful person. A caregiver. A nurturer. I don't know.

But I do see her as a symbol for our society right about now. It strikes me that she really seems to be only concerned with her own wants and desires (i.e., to have lots of room around her). She does not care how her actions affect others. She wants what she wants, and if made to give something up, she is clearly annoyed (judging from the way she looks around at the other passengers as if to say "See what I have to put up with?").

I wonder how much any of us stops to think about how our actions and decisions each day affect others. The products we buy, the food we eat, how we choose to spend our free time. These things can very much have an effect on other people. It's a big planet, but we're all connected.

Could we do more? Should we do less? Does anyone stop to think about it any more? Do you think about it? Let me know.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Remember this date: Orioles in second place,Yankees on the bottom!

Kip Dynamite to head World Bank!

A mighty tip of the hat to the folks at Shakesville for this one.

Imagine. One day you're a cage fighter, talking to babes online all day, the next you're nominated to head the World Bank. This is a beautiful country.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"I want my mommies!"

Aaaaaack! They're breeding!
Congratulations to Mary "this is a baby... not a prop" Cheney and her partner Heather Poe. They very smartly had their baby in D.C., rather than Virginia (where they actually live). The state of Virginia won't recognize Heather's parental rights.
Welcome to the family of evil, little Samuel David Cheney!

I know, Mr. Secretary, I think he stinks, too

Separated at birth?

At the very least, Phil needs to stop raiding Ellen's closets!

It is however, a vast improvement over his previous look:

Will someone please send this little boy off to bed now?

It's time we stopped letting him play his war games with the lives of so many innocents around the world. He has lived in his own reality since the day he was born, and his own "service" has given him a bizarre sense of what war is really like.

He's not alone. A very interesting site examines the service of all the prominent politicians in the war debate. Take a look. You may be suprised at who didn't serve -- and who did. Turns out that when you've actually experienced battle, you tend to think it's a bad idea. Hunh.

And if you got 5 deferements (Cheney), 7 deferments (Ashcroft), were 4-F (Limbaugh -- "inoperable pilonidal cyst"), then I guess war just seems like a really great business opportunity.