Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old fart alert!

I hate it when it is reinforced to me that I have become ... an old fart. Today's case in point, the headline:

10 ways to avoid a speeding ticket

Because of course my first thought is:

1) Don't speed
2) Don't speed
3) Don't speed

You get the idea.

It's probably also because I read a harrowing story over at PoliTits about DCup's nightmare commute home last night, where she witnessed -- and barely missed being an innocent victim of -- an insane driver, who was driving too fast, among other things. Sadly, another driver was not so lucky and was driven off the road onto the median across oncoming traffic and flipping twice.

DCup, my new hero, got the guy's plate number and called 911.

I drive an hour on the Interstate each way, and I see a lot of "near misses." So I don't really appreciate CNN suggesting that drivers should:

Try to stay in the middle of the pack
Don't speed when you are the only car on the road
Watch for cutouts and modulate your speed accordingly
Drive a nondescript vehicle

To avoid getting a speeding ticket. I mean really. How about just going the speed limit? Why wasn't that even on their list?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I just did what I could to help. I'm still fretting about the people in the blue car.

What an irresponsible posting at CNN. For goodness sake.

I guess the idea of slowing to 55 to conserve gasoline is off the table. I know I drive about 70-75, but if I didn't, I'd get run over. I'd love to see the speed limit lowered for everyone. Oh, I'd bitch, but I'd secretly be happy about it.

Morgan said...

It wasn't on their list because very few individuals actually drive the speed limit; or like dcup, know they would get run over if they did. The safest rule of thumb is to drive with the flow. As an ex-cop, I have seen many accidents caused by people driving slower than the flow just as the faster ones.

Sue J said...

Well, I know driving too slow can also be dangerous, but it just seems like if they're going to list 10 ideas, driving the speed limit might be one of 'em.

*old fart speaking*

Sara said...

listen, I am from Massachusetts. We consider the speed limit a suggestion.

but there is a difference between going 79 MPH (just under the dreaded 80 which will get you a ticket) and being safe about it and driving like an idiot, swerving around.

not everyone who speeds is going to run someone off the road.

Sue J said...

oh, well, Massachusetts drivers -- you people are just crazy.

Morgan said...

Sue J- you forgot one cardinal rule about the writers of the list: "Common sense will not be tolerated", nor does it sell.
When in Indiana, didn't you get close to Indy much? They all think they're race car drivers and they draft (tailgate). Massachusetts has some great road signs unique to their state! And if you're an Old Fart, where the heck does that put me?

donald said...

sorry sara, but when people from MA drive around maine, we have a pet name for them, massholes! and if one happens to be in front of us, we pass them, no matter where, or how fast we have to drive to do it! it can be scary.