Friday, July 25, 2008

We know Barack Obama has one big fan in Germany

Appropriate touching:

Inappropriate touching:


Anonymous said...

How nice to not have to cringe when Obama is out of the country.

Sue J said...

That's what she said!


donald said...

oh, the look on her face when bush was rubbing her neck! that look says it all! now she knows how most americans feel!

Judy said...

thanks, needed a good laugh tonight!

Sara said...

Can we continue to plaster the media- all media- with images of McCain=Bush because pictures like this just creep me out.

icky man, with too much privilege, deciding what women want and need.


donald said...

what sara, you don't think those all knowing republican men don't have your best interest at heart and know what is best for you? LOL

all packed and ready to head south this afternoon. hope you are going to the sox/yankees game with us tomorrow night, i haven't heard.

Sue J said...

It's kinda too bad the German secret service wasn't a little trigger happy, eh?

Sara, "blech" is right!

Mauigirl said...

LOL! You are right!