Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday music video break

Hectic day today, being the Travelin' Trainer. Hope to have some time to post later today or this evening, because let me tell you: I've got some things that I want to write about. (MD state police spying on peace activists? What?! John McCain says school vouchers will help everyone get a quality education? I don't think so, Senator!)

In the meantime, feast your eyes and ears with a little bit of Emmylou:


Anonymous said...

Now that's a welcome break from all the crap. Thanks!

Sue J said...

Now that's a welcome break from all the crap. Thanks!

Um, DCup, your welcome? (Assuming you don't mean a break from all my crap! LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I left out a couple of words! That's a welcome break from all the national political crap, not your crap. I mean, no, there's no crap here, but out there, there's tons of it.

Shutting up now.

Sue J said...

Oh, there's crap everywhere! I'm not immune to it!

So let's just watch Emmylou again!

donald said...

thanks, emmylou rocks!

glad i am not the only one that gets in trouble with you! LOL

don't tell me our government is spying on us, i don't have any curtains on my windows!! guess i better get the chintz out and start sewing.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Emmylou's "Spyboy" recording is one of the best live albums ever. Her version of Julie Miller's "All My Tears", in particular, is scintillating. She rocks, indeed!!