Monday, March 3, 2008

Paging Doctor Feelgood

A few days ago I posted about several of our U.S. Senators missing a rather high percentage of votes. While I have no doubt that campaigning for president does indeed cramp one's style when it comes to doing your "day job," it's cause for concern when that day job means co-chairing an oversight committee on Afghanistan, as is the case with Barack Obama. You remember Afghanistan? Otherwise known as "The Forgotten War"?

Always quick to jump on the bandwagon, Obama's all about Afghanistan now, after Hillary Clinton brought up the issue. Of course, he's mostly just annoying Europe at this point.

Obama has been in the Senate for barely 4 years. For the past year he has not even found the time to hold hearings for this committee, despite the death and injury that continues for our military personnel stationed in Afghanistan. He admitted in 2004 that if he were to run for president in 2008 "I would basically have to start campaigning now." Which is apparently just what he did.

I know his name is listed as co-sponsor on a whole litany of bills. A few even made it into law. But do you realize how many Senators are usually listed as "co-sponsor" on any bill that makes it through the Senate? Where are the bills that he has championed and fought for? Where has he shown these tremendous leadership skills I keep reading about? When has he stood on the Senate floor and delivered one of these motivational and inspiring speeches to his colleagues?

I think it's fine that Barack Obama makes you feel full of hope, and makes you want to work for change. But why hasn't he done this with his colleagues in the Senate? We can be inspired as we want, but we don't have the power to make that change. And the people who do? Well they haven't heard much from Sen. Obama lately. He's been busy making you feel good.

For those of you joining me in the Obama Drinking Game, I count 3 shots ....


phil_in_ny said...

Absolutely Sue. By the way, thanks for dropping by. Great post!

Sara said...

we're all gonna be trashed before 7pm tonight if we play that drinking game!

Sue J said...

well sara, it may be the only way I can get through the next 24 hours!