Thursday, March 6, 2008

Aussie brewery produces 'green' beer

From Raw Story:

Feeling green after drinking alcohol has taken on a new meaning in Australia with a brewer launching a beer that it says helps fight global warming.

All the greenhouse gases produced through the life of a Cascade Green, from the picking of the hops to the empty bottle landing in the recycling bin, have been offset, the company said.

This is done by purchasing certified carbon offsets from the government-accredited Hobart Landfill Flare Facility, which captures and recycles gases, in Tasmania, where the Fosters-owned Cascade brewery is based.

Aside from the fact that the name makes me think of dish washing detergent, it sounds great! Well, that and the price: $17.99 per six-pack.


Cootamundra W. said...

Is that a tasmanian tiger on the label? Aren't they supposedly extinct? Too bizarre to think about extinct animals marketing products that are supposed to be green... I think I need a drink in order to understand this one.

Sue J said...

Excellent point. I believe that is a tasmanian tiger/devil.

Irony knows no bounds.