Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dear Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Rhode Island: Here are 100 reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton

If you're voting today and you're still not sure which Democratic candidate would be the best President of the United States, Taylor Marsh has 100 Reasons to Support Hillary. A few from the list:

Reason #1 to support Hillary:
In Arkansas she was instrumental in straightening out their school system - taking it from one of the worst systems to a role model used by other troubled schools on how to improve public education.

Reason #2 to support Hillary:
In 2006, she led the fight to kill the anti-gay Republican constitutional amendment that for the first time would have added laws to the Constitution that would INCREASE discrimination.

Reason #11 to Support Hillary:
Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003)

Reason #15 for Supporting Hillary:
In 1965 she brought black classmates to her until-then all-white church.

Reason #17 to Support Hillary:
IN 1988 Instituted gender diversity Report Card within the American Bar Association, which sets standards for lawyers in the U.S.

Reason #34 to Support Hillary:
Wants a complete re-write, a Total change in No Child Left Behind. (August, 2007)

Reason #42 to Support Hillary:
Voted NO on drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve on national security grounds. (Apr 2002)

Reason #61 to Support Hillary:
Pledges to support $50B for AIDS relief in US and world

Reason #70 to Support Hillary:
Voted YES on preserving habeas corpus for Guantanamo detainees. (Sep 2006)

Reason #74 to Support Hillary:
Voted: No salary increase for Congress until minimum wage increased.

Reason #83 to Support Hillary:
Served as a Staff attorney on Watergate/Nixon impeachment investigation.

Reason #86 to Support Hillary:
Voted NO on confirming John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Reason #87 to Support Hillary:
Voted NO on confirming Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice.

Reason #94 to Support Hillary:
1978: chaired Legal Services Corp. in President Carter's Administration - allowing Poor Families access to legal aid

Reason #100 to Support Hillary:
In October, 2006 - called for "Phased redeployment out of Iraq, beginning immediately."

These are just a few things for you to know today. Please read the entire list of reason here.

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