Friday, March 7, 2008

Let's solve this in classic American style: Let's have a Do-Over!

We all remember the do-over from our playground days, right? The ball goes out of bounds because of some strange anomaly of the blacktop -- nobody's fault -- so you do it over. Why not apply it to the primaries of Florida and Michigan? After all, shouldn't the voters in those states have their votes count just as much as yours and mine? It's not their fault the primaries didn't count.

I hope that by now the state Democratic leaders in those two states are sufficiently embarrassed that their attempts to become one of the first primaries in the nation has caused such chaos. The irony is that these two states may end of as the last primaries held, and may actually be the most important ones. There are a total of 367 delegates up for grabs between these two states. Winning all of these delegates still wouldn't total the 2,025 delegates required to secure the nomination, but it would make either one of them awfully close ....

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Mauigirl said...

I never understood why they got in trouble for moving their primaries in the first place...New Jersey moved up theirs and it as OK. The whole thing is ridiculous.