Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"President Bush spoke bluntly of his battles with substance abuse"

Hahahahaha! You know some copy writer had a good time coming up with that line! Yesterday President Bush came to my hometown to tell a group of alcoholic, drug-addicted ex-cons that they can pray away their woes. From the Baltimore Sun:
"Addiction is hard to overcome," Bush said yesterday at the Jericho program in East Baltimore, which helps former prisoners lead productive lives. "As you might remember, I drank too much at one time in my life. ... I understand that sometimes you can find the inspiration from a higher power to solve an addiction problem."

Bush was in Baltimore to mark the seventh anniversary of an executive order creating the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.
Any addiction, such as alcoholism, is a terrible disease to fight. Understandably, the men were impressed:
"He mentioned that he hadn't had any alcohol since 1986, and that if it wasn't for the man above it wouldn't have been possible," said Williams, who served 18 months of a five-year prison sentence for drug possession.
Too bad Bush was lying. Again.


krazy kat said...

just in case my comment did not get through the first time:

F*cking B*astard!

Sue J said...


By the way, I know there seems to be a problem with the comments feature. Not sure what's going on with blogger, but I know it's happening at other sites as well.

So don't give up -- please keep commenting!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's a non-alcoholic brew in his glass there,a Buckler.

Sue J said...

Anonymous -- thanks. I do know that's a "non-alcoholic" beer, but as was greatly discussed at the time of these photos, there is a tiny amount of alcohol in those beers, and it's really not a good habit for someone who is a recovering alcoholic to continue the habit of pouring "a cold one."

I would add that I think it takes away from his credibility to sanctimoniously go around to addicts and say things like "I haven't had a drop to drink since 1986."

Not that he actually has any credibility, mind you ....