Friday, February 1, 2008

President Bush: It's good to be king!

From the Washington Post this week:

The Cardinal, Amtrak's Chicago-to-New York passenger train, was a tad late getting into D.C. on Friday afternoon. Seems there was a delay in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., because President Bush was lunching with House Republicans at their retreat at the Greenbrier Resort.

On instructions from the Secret Service, which stopped all traffic on the CSX freight line, Amtrak says it held the train -- and its 74 passengers -- not just while Bush's motorcade went by the sprawling resort's entrance, which is near the station, but also throughout his visit. That would be two hours and 10 minutes in all.

The station, according to hotel folks, is 339 yards from the hotel's front desk.

So a major rail line comes to a complete halt for 2 hours while the Emperor president has lunch — three football fields away! Nice. Yes, he must be thinking, "It's good to be king!"


Anonymous said...

He is really unbeleivable!

Cootamundra W said...

Did you know that %(&# has a favorite painting? (I am surprised that he knows what a painting IS.)

A painting fit for a president

This is George Bush's favourite work of art. He says it's heroic and inspirational. But what does it say about him?,,2250558,00.html

Sue J said...

A painting fit for this president, that's for sure! I like the reviewers comments on the painting: "cliche" and "rather dull."

Kind of like W himself!

Robert Rouse said...

Sue, in response to your last comment over at my place. You're absolutely right about the BWR. I will try to include more points of view from now on. I get a little overly enthusiastic.

That said, I don't think your "St. Obama" comment was fair. I see the warts and I don't drink the Kool-Aid, I just believe he would do more to reunite than Hillary - he has more of a message of unity than other candidates and while reading "The Audacity of Hope" I saw a lot of things I agreed with at a core level.

Sue J said...

Point taken, Robert. I was kinda on "Obama overload" when I wrote that. I must admit he seemed more authentic to me in the debates last night, and I was impressed.