Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweetie, you go over there and play with the other girls ....

Why do I continue to torment myself with The Huffington Post? It's like political eye candy to me, I guess. I have a sweet tooth and I just can't resist checking it once a day. (See previous post on lack of sugar in my diet.) To be honest, there are some really great posters over there — writers who are insightful, witty, and well informed.

But then there's stuff like this today:
Clinton wins "beauty contest": The Democratic primary in Florida is mostly meaningless -- the state has been stripped of its delegates and none of the candidates campaigned there -- but Sen. Hillary Clinton won the state handily.
Beauty contest? Holy Arianna! Can we please not call a political primary won by a woman a beauty contest? What about all of the uproar in recent weeks over statements that supposedly had "racial undertones" (including Bill Clinton's characterization of Obama's anti-war stance as a "fairytale." I still don't understand how anyone can think that has any racial connotation, but lots of people did.) Why is there no condemnation of using a phrase like "beauty contest"?

To my ears, it's just as covertly bigoted as anything that has been said about Obama.

It's been obvious to me for a very long time that Obama was "the chosen one" according to Arianna Huffington. But they're really reaching with statements like this:
... in fact, the exit polls show Obama actually beat Clinton among voters who decided late.
And yay for voters who decided to wear a sweater because it was kind of chilly. Or voters who wore black socks. He won them, too, I bet!

I can't wait for this campaign to be over. It's not the candidates who are getting on my nerves, it's the commentators all scrambling to frame these events in the edgiest, catchiest ways.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing what the MSM gets away with sometims. This really made me mad, too!

wagadog said...

Oh HuffPo has a sexist agenda of gender stereotyping and praising the wives-of-great-men, alright.


Sue J said...

Wagadog, I've become increasingly disappointed with the amount of tabloid-worthy junk they post. It's like they've become the National Enquirer for the politically minded!