Friday, June 15, 2007

A Voice of Reason — The Man From Ohio

One of the reasons I got rid of cable was so that I wouldn't be paying for the privilege of listening to people like that assclown over at MSNBC, Tucker Carlson. Congressman (and Presidential candidate) Dennis Kucinich appeared on his show recently and spelled out a very well-thought out plan for getting out of Iraq, which involves getting the support of other countries in the region to provide stability so that our troops can leave.

Carlson, of course, kept trying to set up Kucinich with claims that he didn't hear specifics from "you or any of the other Democratic candidates." Kucinich calmly replied with specifics. Why doesn't Carlson, or any of the other talking heads, ask the White House for specifics? See the interview with Kucinich for yourself.

Kucinich gets tagged in the mainstream media with being a "fringe" candidate, one who's "out there." Come on, people — just how petty are we? Yes, he's short and has big ears. But I think if you watch the interview, you'll be amazed to finally hear an honest candidate who has a real plan to get us out of Iraq now.

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Allie said...

OMG that was so difficult to watch! Tucker Carlson gets under my skin. Kucinich did a great job and didn't waiver from his position. I do think that although the US occupation is a concern of the region, no country wants to risk lives to clean up America's mess. They would have gotten involved by now if they cared.

"News" is such a joke... it's turned into entertainment. You may have already seen this, but Jon Stewart was on Crossfire back when Tucker Carlson was a host and ripped him a new one! Even if you have seen it it's worth another view. I just love Jon Stewart. It's on YouTube :)