Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If you're not outraged ...

you're not paying attention, as the bumper sticker says. And here's an outrageous story in this morning's Washington Post.

This past spring, the FBI asked Congress for $3.6 million from that good 'ol war spending bill (you remember, the one the Democrats caved on?) to fund a Gulfstream V jet that it said it needs to combat terrorism by flying "crucial missions" in Iraq.

Except, it turns out that a good quarter of the time that jet is actually used by the FBI Director Robert Mueller to get to his speaking engagements and public appearances. I encourage you to read the entire article. And become outraged.


Mean Dave said...

I am outraged. I am particularly outraged that a Democratically controlled Congress has proven to be a gathering of spineless milk-sops.

But when I get particularly outraged, I have to think happy thoughts. This is a good one - remember this?

WJZ TV/"Talkin' 'Bout Bob Turk"
This is a local spot, done to promote a weather man on Baltimore's ABC affiliate. His name is Bob Turk. A friend of mine, Lee Bonner, directed this spot. Lee went on to direct episodes of" Homicide", "The Practice", and "Profiler". He also develops TV shows and feature films. This spot is one of his first. In it we see a group of R&B singers strutting along the streets in Fells Point, Baltimore's oldest neighborhood. They sing, I got sunshine on a cloudy day... starting the great Temptations hit "My Girl." All of a sudden, in pops this mop-headed white guy, the weatherman. Instead of Talkin' 'bout my girl– the lyric segues into, -talkin' 'bout Bob Turk.
A wonderfully goofy spot, beautifully shot and absolutely insane.
WJZ TV, Baltimore
Writer/Producer: Dick Goggin
Art Director: John Dean
Music Talent: The Softones (Marvin Brown, Steve Jackson, Elton Lynch, Byron Summerville
Director: Lee Bonner

So, enjoy a little sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day...

PookyShoehorn said...

That would be a great title for a future post: "The Spineless Milk-Sops."

I wish they still ran the "Talkin' Bout Bob Turk" spots! Every once in a while when he comes on the screen I'll start singing it. I especially love the last part where you say his name real fast: "Bob Turk!"

But I guess it's a little annoying to the other half, as I usually get a "please stop!"

Now I've got that song running through my head ....