Friday, June 15, 2007

La Vie en Rose

I wish I was in Paris right about now, drinking some good strong coffee (or better yet, a huge cup of chocolat chaud!), eating the most incredible croissants, and enjoying life. I don't care what anyone else says about the French. I love Paris. In that same exhilarated and exhausted way that I love New York City.

Just look at that photo. That's what it's all about, Charlie Brown.


Allie said...

I haven't been to Paris yet (or any other part of France), but I sure did love Germany! I think I would really enjoy Spain because I actually speak Spanish. Coffee, food, conversation... ahhhh :)

Judy said...

Paris was just the opposite of what i imagined.... smelly, rude people, nothing charming at all about it.... no, that's not what it was, it was amazing, metropolitan yet charming and quaint, the rudest person i met there was a German tourist! i'd go back there in a heartbeat and sit on the sidewalk sipping strong, sweet coffee and dunking my baguette.... ah, tres bien!

PookyShoehorn said...

I think the rudest person I met in Paris was ... an American! What a surprise!

And also, once you get out of the city, the people in the countryside of France are just the warmest, nicest people. With the best wines and most awesome foods.