Friday, May 16, 2008

Where did the week go?

Well, that's just about it. Tomorrow we check out of Provincetown to spend one evening with friends in Jamaica Plain, and then it's back home again. Monday I'll be back at work and our vacation will be but a fond memory. Fortunately, we've found a "Summer Place" to rent next time.

For the first time all week, it's drizzling now, and we're trying to decide whether we should venture back down to the town center for one last evening "on the town." It's been pretty slow all week, which we have actually found to be quite enjoyable. So once again it's been confirmed: we're old farts. Tonight begins "the season," though, as it's "Single women's weekend" here. So it could be pretty fun to go get a drink somewhere ....
Not that we haven't been busy today. Unnamed Partner finally got her lobster, and I had some great scallops and mussels. Which must be accompanied by a glass of good beer. It's a good thing we've done so much walking this week, because I don't even want to think about how many calories we have consumed ....

It's been a difficult spring for us this year, with U.P.'s younger brother passing away just a few weeks ago from pancreatic cancer. We had planned this trip months ago, and the timing of it has turned out to be incredibly fortuitous. Getting away from the stresses of everyday life, seeing amazing sights such as the sunset at Herring Cove, Humpback whales, the waves crashing at the Cape Cod lighthouse in Truro, and hearing the coyotes howl -- all of these things somehow keep things in perspective. Life and death and all that comes between -- such fantastic miracles that we too often miss in our daily rush to get to the office.

So next week, the politics of the presidential election will once again be on my mind, but for a few more hours, I'm going to breath deeply.

Now, about that drink ....


Sara said...

please tell me that is NOT the lobster pot...

and I love that she wore her bib. of course, that made her stand out as a tourist but... you know... it does make sense.

my favorite way to have lobsters is up in downeast maine, at donald's house. he puts plastic down on the table, so no worries, gets an inch or so of sea water in a pot and steams them up perfectly.

I can cook lobster but I can't do it as well as he can.

then the ears of corn, the salad, and the endless butter.

it's fun to watch the boys work their lobsters and they are game for trading- their tail for your claw.

it's a beautiful thing.

and there is NOTHING wrong with scrabble.. or cards... or just listening to the waves.

we are old. we enjoy more than we ever did.

NOW, while in JP, you should go to JP Licks and have their expresso frappe... the best thing in the world.

Sue J said...


We have successfully avoided the Lobster Pot all week, but this afternoon it was drizzling, there just weren't many options, and, well, there it was.

I had scallops, and they were actually pretty good, But the lobster was pretty disappointing. Oh well. It was our tourist moment: paying too much for mediocre food.

The beer was cold. That's good.

So the next time we crave lobsters, we should call on Donald?

In JP, I think we walked by JP Licks last time we were there. I believe our friends take their kids there for ice cream? Is it on the main drag?

phil_in_ny said...

ahhhh, I love the lobster pot! My partner and I try to make the cape every summer. We split time between P-Town and hyannis. Enjoy!

MLC said...

Glad you had a terrific vacation and good luck with "re-entry" it's always difficult.

We're not old - I'll bet you're younger then Madonna. I now refer to myself as the same age as Jody Foster.

Puts everything in a bright light and perspective I prefer.


donald said...

the next time you come to maine, let me know. you two have a standing invitation for a lobster cookout. you will never get fresher, i get them from my neighbor, and they go right from the boat and into the pot. so, i can't take all the credit sara bestowed!

good luck adjusting to reality! it is not all THAT bad! lol

Sara said...

I know my restaurants... I could tell by the pict.

yes, JP Licks is a fabulous ice cream place on the main drag. best best best.

and yes, you should call donald for the lobsters.

Sue J said...

Thanks, Phil! We felt that we had to try the Lobster Pot, because some folks do love it. I guess it's like Phillips Crab House here in Maryland, it's a tourist "must."

Janet, I think I am the same age as Jodie Foster, but she seems to be holding up better than me, so I don't know if that's great comparison ....

Donald, be careful, we will take you up on that!

Sara, so you HAVE spent some time inside the Lobster Pot, eh? The truth comes out .... We ended our trip with a wonderful cookout at our friends' house Saturday night, and then Sunday morning we got coffee, danishes and brioche from the Blue Frog Bakery and sat by Jamaica Pond. What a beautiful morning it was, and a terrific way to wrap up the vacation!

By the way, we've decided to move to the Cape.

BAC said...

You look very rested ... and that is a good thing.


donald said...

don't worry sue, i am not afraid. come on downeast sometime and sit on my deck and enjoy the ocean and some fresh lobsters. glad you had a great week and made it home safely. BACK TO WORK for you! LOL

Mauigirl said...

For really good lobster, drive down a ways to Wellfleet on Rt. 6 and have lobster at Moby Dick's. It's always very fresh and cooked properly.