Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My virtual postcard to you

There are certain constants that run through every beach town. There's salt water taffy, there's a shell shop, there's simply a plethora of stores selling things that you would never under any circumstances be tempted to purchase in any other setting. What is it about salty sea air that seems to make people want to part with their money? Unnamed Partner and I are always on a budget, so we tend to make our "big purchases" on good food and drink. Unless we need something. And it turns out the place we're staying has a hot tub, so we need beach towels. After sifting through seemingly thousands of towels at outrageous prices, we found the local True Value hardware store, where we picked up the towel below for a wonderfully low price:

Is it wrong to display crustaceans holding martinis? Not as long as they are of legal drinking age and they are doing so responsibly. I think they are, don't you agree?

Several folks have commented that I shouldn't be posting on my vacation. What?! No one has to worry that I'm missing out on any part of my vacation because I'm too busy writing. Every day has been full from the time we leave our room with map of Cape Cod lighthouses in hand, to the end of our Scrabble extravaganza at night. In between, if you know Unnamed Partner, you know that almost every single person we encounter is an excuse for conversation. We have met some wonderful people here, and it's just lovely to be here before the big rush starts next week. Almost everything is open, and the shopkeepers are relaxed and friendly.

No, to me, blogging is just like sitting and writing postcards, which we did yesterday at Cicchetti's:

We met the nicest folks there, and along with our coffee we got a little bit of doggie fix from the owner's border collie. (We are in serious Fritz-withdrawal....)

Now, years of waking up early don't go away overnight, so here I am wide awake, sitting in my pj's, drinking coffee and writing my virtual postcards to you at 7:30 am. But it's o.k. -- maybe I'll take a nap later.

I do love vacation.


Mary Ellen said...

My husband and I spent a second honeymoon in Cap Cod for our 25th anniversary (10 years ago). We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast there and then drove up the coast and stayed at another B&B in Bar Harbor, Maine. I ate lobster every day for the week we were in Maine...it was heavenly.

When I saw that pic on this post, it brought back such wonderful memories. I hope we can go back and do that same trip all over again. We are going to visit our daughter in NH in a couple of weeks and will be taking a side trip to Boston with her. I LOVE the east coast.

Again...JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS! But very happy for you and your partner.

Sue J said...

That sounds like a great trip, Mary Ellen -- I hope you and your husband have a chance to do it again soon. When you come east in a couple of weeks, the weather should be a little warmer -- it's still pretty chilly here right now.

But this is our first "real" vacation (that is, one that lasts more than a couple of days tacked onto a weekend) in a long long time, so we're having a blast.

Sara said...

hey, sue, did unnamed partner hit the water yet???

and as long as it's fun, then okay. My sons tend to see me drag out the computer and say...awwwwww. you're working?

so perhaps the warning is more for me than you...

donald said...

glad you are having a good time and equally glad you are finding a few minutes to let us all know how things are going. you did pick a great week to be in ptown, it will get crazy next week! this week and the week after labor day are always good.

hope unnamed partner is not seriously thinking about going for a swim. of course, the water there is a bit warmer than here in maine, but not by THAT much. stay close with that beautiful beach towel to warm her up!!

i can't think of anything more appropriate than lobsters and martinis! i combine the two whenever i can!

Sue J said...

Well, neither one of us has done more than stick our hand in the water to see just how cold it is, although Unnamed P. did get her foot (and sneaker) wet while retrieving a shell .... But it is COLD! I must say, I haven't seen ANYone in the water at all -- not even any surfers. The dogs don't even go very in ....

We really, really lucked out with the weather. Yeah, it's been on the chilly side, especially since it was just warming up at home. We're seeing spring all over again here, with the daffodils and forsythia in full bloom (they're long gone at home). But most of the days have been sunny, and to be honest, I haven't even had time to start any of the books I brought!

(Tomorrow may be the "reading day")