Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Clinton post of the week

O.k., so I wasn't going to write anything serious this week because I'm on vacation, but we did watch Hillary Clinton's victory speech last night, and I did happen to see the headline on the Boston Globe today that read "Clinton crushes Obama in WV Primary," and then I saw this:

Those who are responsible for putting Democrats in the broken place we are in right now with regard to Barack Obama had better own it to the end. Leave those bumper stickers on and wear those campaign pins until the bitter end folks because YOU OWN IT. And people are going to want to know whose to blame.

And as for the superdelegates, just an FYI, we have the list with your names, you will be held accountable on Election Day and beyond, too. This time around, everybody's going to be looking for accountability.

What's even more astonishing is that this post was on HuffingtonPost, of all places! (Well, the incorrect grammar should have been a tipoff, I suppose.) The article, "You Broke It, You Own It, Obama Style" is by Kristen Breitweiser. She continues:
Flash forward to Election Day 08. Can you imagine the backpedaling going on when it comes to explaining how Barack Obama -- the Democratic nominee by math not by sensibility -- loses key states? What will those pundits say?

In August when the Republican attack ads unroll with a screaming, ranting, raving, railing, and dancing like a chicken lunatic Reverend Wright juxtaposed with an angry Obama with an outstretched pointing finger overlayed by Obama's voice saying that he can't disown Wright anymore than he can disown his grandmother, will the superdelegates feel good and justified about their decision to try and kick Hillary out of the race before she won a state like West Virginia or Kentucky? Will those same superdelegates apologize for their bad judgment in thinking a candidate who lost 40% of the Democratic vote in a state primary -- a mere 5 months before Election Day -- should even still qualify to be the best candidate in a general election?

To me, it's the difference between buying cereal for the picture on the box rather than the ingredients on the nutritional label. Clinton supporters want to know what they are eating for breakfast--they don't get swayed by the fancy packaging that often hides the sugar and artificial additives hiding inside. They check the label. They read the ingredients.
The fact that Clinton won by such a landslide last night is important. I don't know what the Democratic powerful should do. But I do know that if they try to pretend that once Clinton drops her campaign, Obama will win the presidency, they are wrong. They (and we) need Hillary Clinton. So instead of insisting she drop out, let's figure out a win-win solution. For the country.


Cootamundra W said...

'...let's figure out a win-win solution. For the country.'
AMEN to that!
I see that Edwards is appearing with Obama in MI tonight and that Obama has signed on to Edwards eliminate poverty plan (well that's a positive thing at least!!!).
We are all in this together - let's work together and get this bedraggled country back on its feet!
ENJOY the rest of your vacation!!!

Sara said...

this is a horrible place to be. Obama will win the nomination. Clinton is the strongest candidate against McCain.


MLC said...

Let's not call it over until it is over - I would like to see "her house" Hillary Clinton in the Whitehouse, she is the most qualified candidate.

And I would vote for Obama should he get the nomination.

The country is ready for change, I feel it is so.


BAC said...

I fear Sara might be correct ... ugh.


Sue J said...

Janet, my worry is that when push comes to shove, and the American public sees Obama and McCain together, experience will trump change.

The national DNC, who have allowed the MI and FL issue to develop, MUST recognize this. If Howard Dean et al., aren't in some pretty major negotiations between Obama and Clinton campaigns right now, I am really packing the car for Canada! REALLY@!

donald said...

i will meet you at the border sue! luckily i am only 35 minutes away.

although, i understand you gave up a couple of court side seats at the celtics game last night. i am beginning to suspect your refinement! may have to stop you at the border and make sure your lesbian card is up to date! LOL

Sue J said...

Oh, Donald! We couldn't get to the game because the ferry isn't running during the week yet -- believe me, we were quite disappointed! But we made the best of it, and went to a bar and watched the game from there.

I think that should keep us up-to-date?

donald said...

well, at least you watched the game, so i guess your cards would be considered up to date!

enjoy the rest of your vacation. looks like the weather may be going downhill. you may get a chance to read those books yet!