Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vacation ... ya gotta wanna!

Sometimes it really takes a lot of work to get your vacation going. This was one of those times. We out started on a great note, making it to the airport in plenty of time, having a good cup of joe and then ... as we were waiting to board, out of the blue Unnamed Partner whispers to me: "Honey I gotta bad feeling about this flight. " Well, I said "Please, don't tell me this NOW...!" Because honestly, she doesn't say stuff like this to me very often, but she's usually right. Well, this time it turned out to be a harmless but correct premonition. You see, about 20 minutes into the flight the captain announced that "Uh, folks, everything's fine," (uh oh, this can't be good!), "but we have a sensor telling us to return to Baltimore, so we have to go back to the airport and get it checked out." Does an airplane have a "check engine" light? 'Cause that's what it sounded like.

Well, we went back to Baltimore, de-planed, waited at the gate while mechanics checked everything out. Much like a car, the sensor was replaced, and everything was fine. At least we hoped so as we climbed back into the sky on our way to Boston. And actually, everything was fine. Little did we know how much fun lay ahead of us in driving a rental car out of Boston. And we lived to tell that tale, as well.

Fortunately we are in Provincetown and well into relaxation mode now. And as I type, I am sipping on a nice cold Bass ale, with a belly full of good food and a face flushed from sun and wind. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. As you can see from the photo, we did have a sunny day today, so we spent most of the day outside. We heard a rumor that the Pilgrim Monument was free on Sunday mornings, so headed up there this morning around 10. The rumor was false, but after some cajoling with the man selling tickets that we should get the Mother's Day freebie because we have been called mother*#$^&*@, he gave us the student discount. The view from the top of 116 steps (and 60 ramps) is indeed stunning. And if you hold onto the railing at the top you can actually stand in the wind and see it.

After hiking to the top, we were ravenous. We drove around semi-aimlessly looking for a place to park, and stumbled on a restaurant recommended by blogger Suburban Lesbian Housewife Sara, called Bubala's by the Bay. (Thanks Sara!) We loved the calamari and the lobster & asparagus omelet. And the most incredible salad dressing ... EVER! OMG!

Then we had to work off our lunch with a walk along the main strip of Commercial Street. If you haven't been here before, there are many "colorful" people (although very few people of color). But one character we've run into several times (even in the grocery store) is Ellie, the 76-year old trans "Living the dream" (we know that 'cause her sign says so), which seems to be to sing torch songs in the public square. Whatever the dream, she has an excellent voice and a great smile. If possible, we'll try to post a photo of Ellie before the week is up.

The wind died down mid afternoon, so we went for a stroll on the beach. Unnamed Partner took this picture of me, which I think would be suitable for a book jacket. So now I have to write a book. Darn it.

However, Unnamed Partner liked this photo to the right better, because I look more like a Lands End catalog model. (She has high standards.)

We found some beautiful shells along the beach, and here is a special treat: Unnamed Partner has actually allowed me to post her picture! (The fresh sea air must have gone to her head! She's so relaxed, who knows what's in store for me this week!)


donald said...

glad you made it to ptown safely, and the rest of your week goes smoothly. sunny here on the coast of maine today, but looks like you on the cape are going to be having a great reading day! welcome to new england, every day a different weather day! great pix!

Cootamundra W said...

The sensor adventure was to make sure that you REALLY wanted to go on vacation!
About this book you now have to write.... I am looking forward to reading it. When is the pub date?

Kudos to Unnamed Partner on the photos of you! (You did well on the photo of U.P. also. Hidden skill of yours.)

You haircut holds up up even after the wind. How do you manage that?

Greetings to both of you and have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

This is very nice post and i like it very much.

Sara said...

ah HA! the haircut is unveiled...

read a book, don't write one and for goodness sake, STOP BLOGGING for the week.

well, except for tomorrow.

and btw, I do have tickets for wednesday...

Mary Ellen said...

I'm jealous, jealous, jealous! It looks like you're having a great time...LOVE the haircut! You make such a great looking couple, and I'm not just trying to be nice, I mean it! Besides, you know that I don't want any rumors going around that I'm nice. That will just really screw things up. ;-)

Have fun...while we all slave at our computers. :-(

Sue J said...

We can't, we can't, we CAN'T STOP blogging! Actually we just want to share with you all what a great time we're having!


Mauigirl said...

So glad you're having fun in P'town. And great pictures! I know you can't stop blogging - I look forward to vacation so I can blog MORE! ;-)

Have some lobster for me! We'll have to try Bubala's by the Bay - we walk past it every time we go and keep meaning to eat there.

If you like kind of Turkish-Mediterranean food try Babe's in Truro. It's a little place on 6A - great food.

BAC said...

Glad you made it safe and sound! And as mentioned above, the hair cut looks great!!

Have a wonderful rest-of-your vacation!


Artois said...

I'm glad you are having a relaxing vacation in sunny weather. I can't believe U.P. has allowed her photo to enter the blogosphere--it must REALLY be wonderful there! I do rather like the book jacket photo. Now you will be forced to pen(oh yeah, we don't use them for writing anymore) ahem, type your extensive memoir for the world to enjoy! Thanks for the post during your vacation--I would have gone into pookyshoehorn withdrawal.

Sue J said...

Thanks for the tip, Maiugirl, but we drove by there and they weren't open for the season yet. Maybe next time, now that we know where they are!