Friday, February 22, 2008

You can always count on Rush Limbaugh ... to be a big fat idiot

It had been such a wonderful day off. Just the thing to refresh from a rather wearying week. What could be better than sleeping late, drinking coffee and reading the paper in front of the electric fireplace (o.k., wood would be better), taking the dog for a walk, leisurely strolling the aisles of Trader Joe's. The roads are fine at this point, so the drive home from the store was peaceful -- until for some reason I decided to turn on the talk radio station.

There was Rush Limbaugh in all his glory. He had some Joe Shmo caller on the line who had supposedly seen Hillary Clinton in a closed meeting room, where, according to this guy, she "swore like a sailor." Limbaugh was in heaven. "Oh, I've heard about this side of her," he exclaimed gleefully.  "Were there ashtrays -- did she throw things?"

What the what?

As it turned out, Clinton was furious because her daughter was being stalked at Stanford, and the First Lady didn't think the Secret Service were doing enough to protect the girl.  Chelsea (whom the caller referred to as "Amy," which, honestly, doesn't do much for his credibility) could have really been in danger -- and what mother parent wouldn't fly off at the people who are supposed to be protecting their child if she thought they weren't doing their job?

Thankfully, they broke for a commercial as I got home, so I wasn't subjected to any more of this nonsense. But it just infuriates me to think that American voters are listening to this crap -- and that people like Rush Limbaugh are out there saying it. What purpose is served by him posing questions like "Did she throw things?" The listener is left with the idea "Hillary ... throws things."

We have one of the most intelligent, most uniquely qualified candidates ever to run for President, and people like Limbaugh portray her as a foul-mouthed, angry bitch. And life in America goes on.

Is 2 o'clock too early to start drinking on a snow day?


Cootamundra W said...

Hot toddy? mulled wine?
Or splurge and have a snifter of brandy - warmed just so...
Go for it!
It is Friday also. Go for it!

Cootamundra W said...

Hey - if you heard/read the magic words (hope/change) make it a double.
How was the snow play?

Sue J said...

Glad to see your 'puter problems seem to have been resolved and you're back up and commenting again!

Snow play is always good!

Morgan said...

You had your morning coffee on a snow day without kahlua/irish whiskey/bailey's (pick your poison)? It makes throwing tennis balls a lot warmer and listening to Rush hilarious. Sounds like the caller may had his own drinks..."Amy" was two decades earlier. Does any sane person actually take Rush serious anymore?
I'm jealous. It's snowing here and when I read your previous post, I wanted to run home to throw tennis balls!

Sue J said...

Maybe you're right, Morgan -- maybe the caller had some of Rush's oxycontin or whatever it was he was stealling .... said...

Dr. Limbaugh is correct as Mrs. Clinton is a slut and swears like a whore.
She has a temper that is just on this side of psychotic.
She should just pack up and go home and let a real man take the reins of President.
She and her ugly dog of a daughter are the most repulsive duo in the US.

Sue J said...

And thank you, "kiltyone" for proving that misogyny lives in America. I mean even if any of those claims about Clinton were true -- which of course we have no proof of -- we do have proof of John McCain as the definition of psychotic temper and swearing. So she's a whore and he's a "maverick,"?

Yes, welcome to to the real America my friends.

For a moment I considered deleting your comment, because its just so nasty and ignorant. But I'm leaving it up here so we can all see the foolishness that is you.

And please, Dr. Limbaugh? Is that how he got all those painkillers illegally? Must be handy to be able to write your own scripts,

Morgan said...

Just my point kiltyone...Does any "sane" person take Rush serious anymore?

Sue J said...


Sara said...

i think kiltyone had already been hitting the sauce.

as a person who has never ever said a swear word in my life, I am appalled.

oh, wait, I swear like a sailor, too.

what's wrong with sailors?

Sue J said...

Hey -- wasn't John McCain in the Navy? I guess that's why it's o.k. for him to swear.

Damn sailors. They get all the fun.

Oh. Whoops.

Mauigirl said...

I can't stand listening to any of those right-wing talk show hosts and the morons who call in. I used to accidentally leave my radio on a station that had a morning show I listened to but in the evening had Michael Savage's show. What a hateful one HE is. Such vitriol! I couldn't stand listening to him for more than 60 seconds or so before having to switch the channel.

Mauigirl said...

I might add he is aptly named.

Sue J said...

I know, MauiGirl. I never listen to those talk radio shows -- I don't know why I turned to that one on Saturday.