Monday, February 18, 2008

Hate crimes, sadly, are not something new

I'm going to warn you right now -- this is sad. I encourage you to watch, though, because it is really powerful. And I promise you that I am looking for some uplifting news to post later today, because although I want to give as much attention as I can to victims of violence, I also know they wouldn't want us to stop living and laughing. So watch this, and then step outside in the sunshine for a few minutes and look at the sky. (Thank god my co-worker brought her puppies to work today!) Take a deep breath, and do something to stop the madness.

h/t to Mid-Life Clarity for the video.


Sara said...

now I have to go watch sir charles again because that was just wrenching.

Sue J said...

And I'm going to play with the puppies down the hall.

donald said...

wow, that was very powerful. BUT, i refuse to get back into the closet! what will be, will be!