Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gay Democratic voters in New York and California support Hillary

And apparently gay voters don't exist anywhere else.

O.k., whatever. I guess I'm glad the pollsters realized that we do exist and we do vote in these 2 states, anyway. I mean when you look at all the other questions asked in exist polls, sexual orientation seems like kind of an obvious topic.

From the Agenda:
Here in New York, seven percent of Democrats identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. They went for Hillary Clinton in a big way. She received 59% of the vote. Obama got 36% and Edwards 3%.

In California, four percent of Democrats identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual and Clinton’s margin was even larger. She took 60% of the vote while Obama grabbed 25% and Edwards 5%.

We’re glad the National Election Pool (a consortium formed by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and the AP) that conducts the exit polls decided we existed yesterday, at least here in New York and in California.

However, I have a news flash for the National Election Pool. We don’t just cling to the two coasts in these two states. We’re pretty much everywhere so it would have been good to have the same question asked in every state’s exit poll this primary season and with both Democrats and Republicans.
I guess, Drama Queens that we are, some of us continue to hold out hope that John Edwards will come back to us some day .... (5%, California, really?)

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