Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CNN rushes to report first Super Tuesday results: Obama a winner ... in Indonesia!

All I can say about that kid in the picture is: Buddy, I know how you feel.

I must say, the coverage today has been fantastically bad. So let's take a look around the newsrooms, shall we?

CNN offers us "Obama the choice of Democrats in Indonesia" because, you know, it's such a good indicator of the results to come: "Seventy five percent of the nearly 100 votes cast by expatriate Americans a minute after midnight Indonesia time (12 p.m. Monday EST) went to Obama. The rest were cast in favor of Clinton, said Arian Ardie, country committee chair for Democrats Abroad .... Ardie said that Obama's time in Indonesia was part of his appeal among expatriate voters in the southeast Asian country."

Ya think?

The top story in the banner over at Huffington Post: "Hillary Coughing Fit Cuts Short Live Interview" because ... it's relevant? I could do a whole section here on the irrelevant stories being posted at Huffington Post. I don't know what's going on over there. I expect to see Billy Bush and Mary Hart writing OpEds soon.

The New York Times rightly wonders about the wisdom of having Super Tuesday on, well, Tuesday, in "Super Tuesday & American Idol."

Forbes keeps it real, with "Tuesday Morning Not So Super On Wall Street." I know the primaries are exciting and all, but please don't forget that the economy is in the toilet at the moment.

Salon takes that sentiment and runs with it in "Super Recession Tuesday."

But my personal favorite story so far today has to be the one about some ultra-enthusiastic voters: "Uh, No Super Tuesday in Wisconsin" in which a dozen or so Wisconsin voters thought all the hype about Super Tuesday meant they'd better get out and vote. Two weeks early.


Sara said...

well, in our family American Idol is WAY more important than super tuesday...

funny thing, Sue? the piece I have on my blog? Huffington has decided not to post.

funny funny funny. I guess coughing is more relevant.

Sue J said...

Huffington has decided not to post.

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!