Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things younger than John McCain

As we wait for the results to come in from Oregon and Kentucky, you might like to stroll on over to a blog called Things Younger than John McCain. It does kind of put things into perspective. Now, of course, with age comes wisdom. Of that there is no doubt. However, with parents who are only 10 years older than Senator McCain, I also know that with age comes a few other things -- in terms of health, technology, and culture.

I mean, my parents are very smart people. They have college degrees -- my father has a Masters in Economics from the University of Chicago. No dummy there. (His thesis was reviewed by Kate Turabian, and all she questioned was the use of one semi colon. What?!)

But here's the thing: they write out emails by hand and have my brother go on line and send them. They constantly put the phone receiver down off the hook, so that it's busy for days (their physician even called me once to make sure everything was o.k.). They have a cell phone, which they keep plugged in in the kitchen. It rings sometimes, and they stare at it. They sit at the breakfast table and read the newspaper for hours, and then eat lunch at 4 pm. They take naps.

I love them more than life itself. But dear god, I would not want them in the White House.

They have seen so much in their lifetimes: they grew up during the Depression, my father fought in WWII, they served in the Foreign Service in exotic and rural places. I don't knock them for not knowing how to operate the DVD player we got them several years ago. They just can't keep up with all the new technology that is constantly coming at them. And there are just so many things younger than my parents (and younger than John McCain):
  • Penicillin
  • minimum wage
  • the Lincoln Tunnel
  • Scrabble
  • area codes
  • nylon
  • the Slinky
  • Alaska
  • the Polio vaccine
  • Helvetica (the font)
  • ballpoint pen
None of this really has to do with being a good president. I'm just sayin'


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And maybe there are things that Obama is too young to appreciate. Too bad they couldn't split the difference.

Sue J said...

Very true!

G said...

Watch it, here. Some of those things are younger than I am. Sue, can you drop over later and show me how to make that little shiny flat round thing make music?

phil_in_ny said...

That's to funny about your parents Sue. I think all our parents are techno-phobes in some respect.

My mother just learned to turn on a cell phone. God bless her :)

donald said...

i imagine you have seen this before, but if you haven't seen "shift happens" check it out and see where the techno world is headed.


if you have, there is now a second one you can see too.

Mauigirl said...

I totally agree with you. Your parents sound just like my mom, aunt, and my husband's parents! Admittedly they are older than McCain but it's not as if they were that different 10 years ago. My father-in-law and my aunt DON'T USE ATM CARDS. They go to the bank. If the bank isn't open they can't get money. (My mom, being a late riser, never found it convenient to go to the bank before it closed at 3 so she was an early adapter of the ATM card!).

BAC said...

At first glance I thought "Oregon and Kentucky are younger than McCain" ... and then I read the entire post. Maybe I need to get my money back from that Evelyn Wood speed reading course. ha