Friday, May 23, 2008

Coke? Pepsi? McCain? Bush?

Much like the Coke-Pepsi Challenge, it's really better just to swear off the Republicans, along with the soda. They're all bad for your health. But that doesn't mean you should miss out on taking the challenge here.

If you're in the Towson, Maryland, area next week, you may be interested in this message I received today from
Thousands of undecided voters who live near you don't yet realize just how much John McCain is like President Bush.

So, on Wednesday, May 28th, MoveOn members in Towson are asking people on the street to take The Bush-McCain Challenge. It works like the old Pepsi-Coke Challenge—we'll set up a sidewalk table and ask passersby to guess whether a quote or position is Bush's or McCain's. It's surprisingly hard to tell the difference!

Polling shows voters will reject John McCain if they realize how similar he is to George Bush. The Bush-Challenge is a persuasive way to make this point.

Next Wednesday, at more than 300 events around the country, we'll let people see the facts for themselves: McCain is just as bad as Bush, if not worse. A good turnout at this event may also attract local media attention, which will help even more people find out about The Bush-McCain Challenge.

Find out where the challenge is being held in your neighborhood.

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