Friday, May 23, 2008

Parsley, rage, xenophobia, and time

Yes, "time." As in air time, of which this story has received very little in the MSM. However, from the MotherJones article, McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam, we have this:
Senator John McCain hailed as a spiritual adviser an Ohio megachurch pastor who has called upon Christians to wage a "war" against the "false religion" of Islam with the aim of destroying it.

Parsley, who refers to himself as a "Christocrat," is no stranger to controversy. In 2007, the grassroots organization he founded, the Center for Moral Clarity, called for prosecuting people who commit adultery. In January, he compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis. In the past Parsley's church has been accused of engaging in pro-Republican partisan activities in violation of its tax-exempt status.
So, how does Parsley really feel about Islam? In his own words:
I cannot tell you how important it is that we understand the true nature of Islam, that we see it for what it really is. In fact, I will tell you this: I do not believe our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand our historical conflict with Islam. I know that this statement sounds extreme, but I do not shrink from its implications. The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed, and I believe September 11, 2001, was a generational call to arms that we can no longer ignore.
Some McCain loyalists argue that no candidate can be held responsible for what all of their supporters say. True enough, Clinton, Obama, and all the others have all had their share of supporter-foot-in-mouth disease. But Parsley is not just another supporter -- just as Reverend Wright was not just another supporter of Obama. Reverend Parsley has had a long relationship with McCain, and McCain has described him publicly as “one of the truly great leaders in America,” “a moral compass,” and a “spiritual guide.”

McCain was one of the first to demand that Barack Obama denounce the Rev. Wright. Now McCain has been forced to do the same with Rev. Parsley and Ref. Hagee. The difference? Are you getting tired of hearing about Parsley? No? Of course not, because it has not been covered day and night by every major news outlet, the way the Rev. Wright story was covered.

Personally, I don't think Obama holds any of the same views espoused by Rev. Wright. I think he sat in that church for 20 years as a future political candidate, gathering a reputation in a popular African American church. I doubt McCain holds the outrageous views of Hagee and Parsley, either. He is a politician first and foremost, and I think he's trolling for votes wherever he can find them. It's a shame that he's trolling amongst the bottom feeders, but even more shameful is the fact that the press is giving this story such little attention.


FranIAm said...

Great post Sue.

I wrote about something similar today.

Now the difference between us is that while not a deeply rooted Obama supporter, I do support him over Hillary.

That said, he has taken it on the chin and hard over the Wright business.

In my estimation, the Wright quotes were taken out of context and while I do not always agree with Rev. Wright, what he said was not so off the charts.

Hagee and Parsley preach a particular kind of hate, which is very anti-Christian to me.

Plus - I do have issues with any president that has ties to evangelicals with apocalyptic dreams.

I love me some Jesus but I am not in a rush for Armageddon. That does not theologically work out for me.

But what do I know, I go to the church of the whore of Babylon. OOPS! Hagee did say he was sorry for that.


Cootamundra W said...

OT - Why is it that McCain (presumtive candidate)gets a pass on his THREE bouts with melanoma but there were gazillions of concerns over Elizabeth Edwards (candidate's SPOUSE)having chronic breast cancer?

McCain's spouse has ties to all sorts of 'interesting' folk and investments. Another pass... this time for both of them.

It is Friday - anything fun planned for us - videos, music, cartoons - something to brighten our upcoming long weekend (at least for some it will be a long weekend)?

Sue J said...


But what do I know, I go to the church of the whore of Babylon. OOPS! Hagee did say he was sorry for that.

That Hagee's such a sweet-talker, ain't he?

Cootamundra W.,

McCain is a mess in all respects. If anyone brings up his health, its "AGEism!"

Which I guess we care more about than sexism, 'cause that no one seems to care about.