Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bitter? You bet!

If Barack Obama wants to meet some bitter voters, he should start with this woman from Florida. I don't know who she is, but I sure wish some cable news show would hire her, because she cuts right through the crap and tells it like it is. She is one voter citizen (sorry, Florida, you don't count), who's clearly had enough of Obama's rhetoric and the media's forgiveness.

ht/t to Yikes! for this one!


Mary Ellen said...

Well, I can tell you that I'm bitter. In fact, I'm so bitter I can't even write a post and haven't been able to for a couple of days, and it has everything to do with the crap I've been taking from Obama supporters. I don't even know if I want to continue my blog, that's how upset I am...

I guess it's good for them I don't "turn to guns" with my bitterness.

Sue J said...

mary ellen, please don't ground the flying nunly! i loves your blog!

It always seems to get pretty tense out here right before a primary. Try to remember that great Seinfeld episode I just saw the other night and say it with me:

"Serenity Now!"

but be sure to yell it like Frank Costanza does!

Mary Ellen said...

sue- I'll give it a try, but I have the feeling a shot and a beer Hillary style may be the only way I'm going to have any kind of serenity at this point.

Mauigirl said...

LOL, and she did a good job on those shots and beers!

Seriously, ME, don't give up - I have been reading your blog's comments and you have your share of supporters as well as those who disagree! I think DCap pretty much summed up the situation in one of the later comments and made some very interesting points about the state of the country right now and why this Democratic primary has become so polarized.