Thursday, January 3, 2008

And they're off! Iowa caucuses begin today!

I thought this might be a good day to revisit a favorite site of mine:, which is run by the Annenberg Foundation. The hyperbole, the grandiose claims, the ... well, lies, are getting a little thick these days.

From their "Whoppers of 2007" post:
Presidential candidates kept us busy:
Republican Rudy Giuliani made false claims over and over about his record as mayor of New York, and even about England's health care system.

Democrat Bill Richardson also mangled the facts repeatedly, claiming credit for creating more jobs as New Mexico's governor than actually materialized and using a made-up figure about the performance of U.S. students, among other misstatements.

Republican Mitt Romney claimed undeserved credit for himself as governor of Massachusetts and made false or misleading claims about two of his rivals.

Democrat Hillary Clinton ran an ad claiming that National Guard and Reserve troops had no health insurance before she went to work, when in fact most of them did.

Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee repeatedly twisted the facts when talking about his record on taxes in Arkansas and other subjects. And there were plenty of other howlers from the large field of candidates.
Read more about the facts behind these false statements at

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