Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Situation in Pakistan will get worse before it gets better

In 2006, The Washington Post ran this quote from President Bush about Gen. Pervez Musharraf:
“In the long run, he understands that extremists can be defeated by freedom and democracy and prosperity and better education,” Bush said of Musharraf in a joint news conference at the presidential palace.
Today, President Bush watches, powerless, as Musharraf steals every freedom from the citizens of Pakistan. No freedom of speech. No freedom of press. His police are now beating up supporters of his main opponent in the scheduled elections (which will be miraculous if they are indeed held in January as scheduled.) This is what pretending that Musharraf ever truly believed in democracy has gotten us. (He is president only because he seized power in 1999 — and has never given up his position as army chief.)

Our last hope for stability in a very unstable region is now a powderkeg.

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News Sophisticate said...

I truly fear for the life of Ms. Bhutto. The news isn't stating it, but the Mush crew killed her father and imprisoned many of her family members for "corruption".

I don't like many politicians, but Bhutto..she has a genuine quality to her.