Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bush to Musharraf: "the president should remove his military uniform"

What a great idea. Let's try this at home, too, shall we?

And maybe the vice president should remove his costume “uniform,” too. Especially since both Bush and Cheney were AWOL or “had other priorities” when they were called upon to serve and wear the uniform during the Vietnam War.

Meanwhile, read more about the current situation in Pakistan here and here.

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News Sophisticate said...

This is a good post. I thought the same.

There is something interesting in the Pakistani Constitution that isn't being talked about.

Mush CAN NOT run for President in Uniform..EVEN states that after a military member RETIRES, they are not allowed to run for OFFICE FOR 2 YEARS.

Oops..I guess, the U.S. forgot about that lil' detail, eh.

Please stop by my site and search my Pakistan articles. I detailed this was going to occur in SEPT and Early OCT.