Tuesday, July 1, 2008

About that survey ...

Last week I really started feeling the effects of the $4 gallon gas. I try to do everything I can to use less gas, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like enough. (I suppose the costs of the total overhaul of the bathroom isn't helping much right now, either!). So I started wondering what other folks are doing to cope with expensive gas and the resulting high cost of everything. Nine of you voted, and here's what you said:

  • Started carpooling 2 (22%)
  • Started taking the bus 1(11%)
  • Ride my bike more often 0 (0%
  • Sold my SUV 0 (0%)
  • More careful to turn off the lights at home 7 (77%)
  • Run the AC less often 6 (66%)
  • Go out to dinner less often 3 (33%)
  • Drive the speed limit now 6 (66%)
  • Other 5 (55%)

I'm one of the two who has started carpooling -- I wonder if my carpooling colleague is the other one? I have tried taking the commuter train, but that's a whole 'nother post. A nightmare, and a long one at that. I thought I would ride my bike to the store, etc., but haven't had trips to stores near enough. I do try to combine all trips together, though. Sell my SUV? Does an '89 Toyota wagon with a "Hillary" bumper sticker count? Eh, I didn't think so. Anyway, she's not going anywhere (yeah, and neither's Hillary).

It seems that most of us are being more aware of energy use at home, which is good. Seven of 9 of us say we turn off lights more often -- I bet the remaining 2 already have all the lights off!

We definitely eat out less, and are more aware of prices when we do go out. Any higher priced meal has to be purchased with the understanding that there will be leftovers for more meals. (That's how we justified Indian food last night, anyway. Chicken korma for dinner again!).

What's up with the speed limit? Are the 3 of you who didn't check this one already doing the limit, or do you know a secret to gas mileage that the rest of us don't? Someone must have a secret, because other cars (and SUVs) continue to fly past me on I-95, with no concern for burning the gas.

And 5 of you said you're doing something else. I know from some of your comments that you're combining trips, walking when you can. What else can you pass along that's helping?

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FranIAm said...

I am unemployed... so no carpooling here. I would love to have to carpool.

Will you hire me?

Kidding. I hope that someone does soon.

Even if I don't go far, I must still buy gas from time to time. Thank God for my 1998 Honda Civic, routinely getting about 35mgp average.

Sue J said...

FranIAm, I send good thoughts for your job search!

And they all laughed at us driving our decidedly unflashy Camrys and Civics, but who's laughing at the pump now? Ha ha ha ha!