Monday, June 30, 2008

Stormy weather

Don't know why ... but all heck is breaking out with the bathroom renovation project. "So weary all the time" as Lena Horne would say. And guess what? Miss Lena is 91 today! So while I'll be spending some quality time with Len the Plumber for the rest of the day, please amuse yourselves with the sights and sounds of Lena Horne:

Happy Birthday Miss Lena!


Cootamundra W said...

What a lovely contrast to Friday's video.
Very sorry about the major 'heck' on the bathroom redo... I hope that Len the Plumber 'does right by you' and that the end results are worthwhile.
Make sure you find things to smile about.

Sue J said...

Cootamundra, at some point we will look back at this project and laugh -- but not yet. Right now, I can't even sit down to describe for you what has gone wrong (it's nothing we did, but it's what we uncovered. ugh.)

But Len (not Lena) is coming today, so all should be "copacetic" by this afternoon ... I hope.

FranIAm said...

Oh dear... I send good thoughts!

Morgan said...

The never ending tale with older homes....mine was built in 1935. One $5.00 part from the hardware store turns into dead bodies found behind the wall. Guess you didn't find a fortune to pay for all the repairs! That's what happen when my grandmother died. We took the old family clock off the wall and there was a hole she had been stuffing cash down for years.

donald said...

hope your project starts coming together once the plumber has corrected the problems. is seems, it's always something! hang in there!