Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Poetry Break

Sorry for the late post; I know a few of you look forward to the Wednesday Poetry Break, and I apologize for the wait -- but I think you'll find it's worth it! The poem below was written by a friend, Sarah Knudsen. (Sarah, if I misspelled your last name, I apologize!) It's powerful and speaks to much of what we've been commenting on here. Thanks, Sarah!

UPDATE: Okay, I apologize, Sarah! It's Knutson. I was close, right?


Better divisive
than indecisive

Obama, yo mama
ain’t no slave
in the home of the brave
land of the free
is for you, too
your vote counts
on your fingers
pointing the way
to universal suffrage
is the answer
to all our problems
can be solved for x
in terms of y
is the only good
a dead one
man one vote
promises a result
that is just and true
blue red and white
Americans of all colors
do not admit defeat
is not an option
to buy crude
estimates of the cost
of oil is going up
for everyone
of the barons
all is wells

Better divisive
than indecisiv
Jesus saves
the world across
my heart, hope to die
in Iraq
for America
all is wells

All is wells
in my fathers house
there are many cells
are the basic building blocks
of life
is not a toy
in the hands
of terrorists
take no prisoners
are not free
to call
home of the brave

Better divisive
than indecisive

Obama, yo mama
is free
to vote republican
in the primary school
all the kids
is second to none
will be left
behind the screen
there is a man
exclaims Dorothy
witch way
is it to Kansas
the which is dead
all is wells

the which is dead
all is wells
are for drinking
water is a precious resource
we should not waste
time is of the
essential oils
make your face shine
your light on me, Lord
thy burning Bush
before all nations
lights the way
to hell is good
intentions do not profit
is the point
of a free market
yourself wisely
manage your account
the cost or pay
the price of gas
is astronomical
loans must be excused
pardon me
Lord I just blew
all the debt
that Jesus saves
the best for last
place at the table
that bill
without a vote
we cannot reach
a resolution

Better divisive
than indecisive
all is not wells

— Sara Knutson


Michelle said...

Hi Sue - Ingrid sent me your site. Great blog, and compliments to Sarah on the poem!

Sue J said...

Michelle? Michelle P? Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger!

Mary Ellen said...

Love that poem! I'll have to bookmark that...excellent.