Sunday, March 16, 2008

Writer's Strike at Daily Kos

It is so tiring and stressful to read the Hillary Clinton-bashing that has been allowed to go on at so many if the big "progressive" liberal blogs, such as americablog, Huffington Post, and Daily Kos. I read the quotes taken out of context, the facts misrepresented, and rumors posted as fact, and I am torn between just clicking away and standing up for her. The problem is, if I post a comment that defends Hillary Clinton on any of those sites, I am assured of hateful, often disgusting replies. Sometimes directed at Clinton, sometimes at me. So I've pretty much just given up on those sites.

And that's why I was so pleased to read this post from Alegre, a regular writer at Daily Kos.
I’ve been posting at DailyKos for nearly 4 years now and started writing diaries in support of Hillary Clinton back in June of last year. Over the past few months I’ve noticed that things have become progressively more abusive toward my candidate and her supporters.

I’ve put up with the abuse and anger because I’ve always believed in what our on-line community has tried to accomplish in this world. No more. DailyKos is not the site it once was thanks to the abusive nature of certain members of our community.

I’ve decided to go on "strike" and will refrain from posting here as long as the administrators allow the more disruptive members of our community to trash Hillary Clinton and distort her record without any fear of consequence or retribution. I will not be posting at DailyKos effective immediately. I will not help drive up traffic or page-hits as long as my candidate – a good and fine DEMOCRAT - is attacked in such a horrid and sexist manner not only by other diarists, but by several of those posting to the front page.
I have been checking in on those sites every once in a while, just to see what people are saying. But I have to say I agree with Alegre: I don't want to have any part in driving up their traffic or giving them an audience.

So, in addition to her writer's strike, let's have a reader's strike, as well! 


Catherine Morgan said...

Hey Sue. Great post...I hope you don't mind, I posted this post on my two political blogs...and linked back.

I also noticed that I had a Huffington Post scrolling widget, and I decided to take it down.

I agree that there is way too much hate commenting going on. The funning thing is...the reason I started blogging on politics (I am really a health and wellness writer) because whenever I commented on political forums, it seemed like it turned into a hate-fest. I thought blogging would be a little less confrontational, and usually it is...It seems most of the haters prefer to be on the bigger blogs.

Mary Ellen said...

I've been boycotting HuffingtonPost, AmericaBlog, Air America, and MSNBC for awhile now. The way I figure it, I don't want to give them the pleasure of my readership or listener-ship, they haven't earned my respect or admiration, so they don't get it. It may not mean much to them in the scheme of things, but I could hold my head up high and say that I don't let anyone take me for granted.

Sara said...

Well, the count is about 5 different posts I've sent to my editor at Huffington- Pro-Clinton posts- that have not been printed.

But they love the dead queer stories.

I'm beyond frustrated and I have to admit, I have stopped reading it for some time now.

All I can say is what my friend Zelda said to me the other night. Don't stop writing. Don't give up. Keep putting it out there.

And support the blogs that do offer balanced reporting.

A republican lawmaker from upstate new york said the other day, it takes different approaches to make good government.

it does. different, reasonable, thoughtful approaches.

Mauigirl said...

Sue, I have just decided to stop posting about the primaries and instead concentrate on what McCain and Bush are up to, which is really what we should be concerned about. There are a couple of other bloggers who have decided to do this, which is what gave me the idea (I linked them in my post about this).

Sue J said...

Now see? Thank you all for showing that it IS in fact possible to comment without insulting anyone!

Catherine, I've noticed too that most of the worst offenders of hateful and juvenile comments are at the larger blogs. I think they revel in the anonymity and attention they get there.

Mary Ellen, I'm right there with ya, babe. They don't deserve my attention anymore.

Sara, although I've stopped reading HuffPo, I did sign up to get email alerts whenever you have a post there. It's been a long time since I got that email!

Mauigirl, I've always thought your support of Obama was well reasoned and intelligent. In fact, it's been a reminder to me that not ALL Obama supporters are like the ones I've encountered at the big blogs. But I understand completely your decision not to write about it any more,

I'm not going to have a total moratorium on the primaries here, but I'm definitely going to try to keep it all in balance.

At least I "hope" to.

(And there's your St. Patrick's Day shot, everyone!)

donald said...

it seems that americans on all sides have lost any concept of debate, and that having opposing views is just that, opposing. not right or wrong, just different views on the same subject. when it comes to politics, religion, abortion rights, gay rights conservatism or liberism, most people feel that their opinion is right and everyone else is wrong. sad state of affairs really.

glad i only read a couple blogs, and stay away from all the politican ones. the only political ones that i will even consider reading, are yours and sara's.

Sue J said...

Donald, well, I am honored. And all the more so because we support different candidates.

I didn't start this blog to be a mutual admiration society, I started it with the hope that I could make people think and that they would challenge my ideas. That is the only way we grow.

How dull if we all thought the same way! If that's the way America is headed, man! we are in trouble! Personally, I blame it on the fact that we don't teach critical thinking skills in school anymore because we're too busy teaching testing requirements.

No Child left Behind standards don't ask any student to debate or defend an idea. All they have to do is spout out facts. That has translated into "my candidate good. your candidate bad."

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! i'm an African-American woman feminist who supports HRC. i understood fully what Ferraro meant. sexism is insidious in this country and underscores much of the interpretation of Senator Clinton's actions. I'M SICK OF IT! i i've finally found my tribe; at last a place where folks get it. how refreshing to find an online forum that pushes beyond the norm. as Morgan writes, i'm not voting for Senator Clinton because she's a woman, but because I AM!

Sue J said...

anonymous, I'm glad you found us! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

donald said...

as an independant, i am more of an observer than particapant in this part of the process. i will support whichever democrat wins, because 4 more years of republican rule scares me. my support for obama is maybe 51% to 49% for clinton, so i am not a fervent supporter of his. just my gut feeling is he is more electable in the general election. some polls validate this thought, some don't. but when i hear rush limbbaugh saying he wants to hold fund raisers for hillery to insure her win and keep the republicans in office, i have to wonder. the right wing will go after either democrat, but with her, they will be relentless.

Sue J said...

I think the Republicans just aren't sure how to go after Obama yet. Once they figure it out -- and I'm afraid he's just given them a clue with Rev. Wright -- I think they'll be just as vile toward him as we've already seen them be with Clinton.

The polls seem all over the place right now. It is truly an interesting time to be alive!