Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thinking outside the [American] box

You may have noticed that I'm taking a break today from writing about the primaries. What is there to say? Mississippi has a large African American Democratic population, and Barack Obama is well ahead in the polls. We'll just wait and see what happens today.

I'd rather tell you about a new website that I stumbled upon, called Voices without Votes. It's a joint project of Reuters news service and Global Voices, and it is basically a portal to blogs around the world writing about American politics. No matter who is elected to the White House next fall, they will have a tall order in front of them to repair the damage down to our international reputation. Make no doubt about it: the rest of the world is watching this election cycle, anxious to see just how idiotic the American people can be. Remember their disbelief when "we" re-elected G.W.?

Bloggers from Haiti, Peru, China, Iran, Bangladesh, Canada, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Australia, Colombia, Venezuela. The world is watching ... and waiting.

UPDATE: Another great website that was down for a while but is now back up and even better than before is Hometown Baghdad. If you're not familiar with it, I encourage you to check it out to see what life is like in Baghdad today. Especially since March 19 will mark six years since the the war in Iraq began.


Mauigirl said...

Thanks for the link to some very interesting commentary! It is always a good thing to see what people in other countries are saying, since our own news media are so insular.

Sue J said...

And I think it's especially important in this current vortex of rumors and accusations between all of the campaigns that we listen to outside viewpoints.

Larry said...

Thanks for sharing this link.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Sue for linking to Voices without Votes. We have badges here which you can link to your blog and encourage other bloggers in the US to link to them and encourage more readers to take part in the conversation going on at Voices without Votes: http://voiceswithoutvotes.org/about/badges/

Amira Al Hussaini
Voices without Votes, editor