Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dept. of Government Efficiency

Perhaps you've been living under a rock. That's about the only place you could have been to avoid hearing the news that Congress approved a tax rebate to "jump start" the economy. But the Internal Revenue Service wants to be extra sure you know that you have a check coming. 'Cause, you know, if you didn't expect it, you might not spend it. Cha!

WASHINGTON -- At a cost of nearly $42 million, the IRS wants you to know: Your check is almost in the mail.

The Internal Revenue Service is spending the money on letters to alert taxpayers to expect rebate checks as part of the economic stimulus plan.

The notices are going out this month to an estimated 130 million households who filed returns for the 2006 tax year, at a cost $41.8 million, IRS spokesman John Lipold confirmed.

I'm sorry -- did I miss something? We have an extra $42 million sitting around for postage?

Keith Hennessey, director of the president's National Economic Council, said the letters are being sent to explain how the tax rebates will work.

Here's an idea: how about the letter goes with the tax rebate. You know, use one stamp instead of two.

At a time when most of us are desperately trying to find ways to tighten our belts wherever we can, this display of waste is just truly unbelievable. Rome had Nero fiddling. We have George Bush dancing. Good lord.


Cootamundra W said...

I agree with your suggestion on the efficiency of using ONE stamp rather than TWO. Sending the notice is a stupid PR trick. But then again so is the rebate..
Keep the estate taxes, cut the tax breaks on the wealthiest folks in this country and then use that money to REALLY give an economic shot in the arm to the people of this country who would benefit from it or provide excellent health care for each of us!

Sue J said...

I don't know, you're sounding pretty revolutionary there, cootamundra w!

Cootamundra W said...

Then let the revolution BEGIN!