Friday, February 15, 2008

Poll shows Clinton far ahead in Ohio, Pennsylvania, but unclear on Texas

It's alka seltzer time again, folks.

If you're an Obama supporter, you probably won't be able to watch the entire video below. I understand, and that's o.k. But if you're a Hillary Clinton supporter and need a little pick-me-up before we head into the weekend, I think you'll enjoy Alicia Keys singing "Superwoman."


Catherine Morgan said...

Nice video. I'll have to link to this a little later. :-)

Sara said...

pass the alka seltzer.

John Lewis has denied saying he's vote for Obama as a superdelegate.

phew. that was damaging.

screw the alka seltzer. pass the vodka.

Sue J said...

I'll bet John Lewis could use an alka seltzer right about now -- OR a shot of something!

Sue J said...

Catherine, thanks for linking -- and if anyone hasn't visited Catherine's blog, please do! She does an impressive job gathering posts from women bloggers across the spectrum. Check it out:

The Political Voices of Women

Sue J said...

Hmmmm. It seems the video is off YouTube now. I'll see if I can re-post.