Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Man in Pakistan

We need to remember to every once in a while step back from the drunken stupor that is politics in America today. We are but one nation on this rotating orb, and there's a whole lot of mess out there. Case in point, let's check in with "Our Man in Pakistan" (with apologies to to Graham Greene), President-for-Life Pervez Musharraf:
"Pakistan is more important than human rights," Musharraf said recently during a global economic forum in Sweden. "Human rights serves Pakistan; Pakistan does not serve Human rights."

Musharraf accuses his questioner of trying to impose a "Western Human rights considerations and standards" on Pakistan and seems to argue his country would be thrown into turmoil if it upheld such standards.

"[Human rights] functions in accordance with our environment," he said. "Now if somebody, whether he's anybody, is trying to create such anarchy that maybe Pakistan's integrity is at stake maybe our economy ... will collapse. I don't consider any human rights in such situations. We will deal with it, whatever it costs because Pakistan is more important than human rights."

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