Tuesday, January 22, 2008

laughter yoga in abu dhabi

Let me explain the title of this post.

As you may or may not know, this is a relatively new blog. It began in its original form in May 2007, with some updates over the past summer. I must say, I’m still amazed and humbled that readers return here to see what I’ve written. Thank you! I love reading your comments. (Well, usually, that is. Some of the comments on the tiger attack story got a little creepy and so for the first time I had to close the comments. Sheesh. I mean, I’m not Andrew Sullivan – I want to read your comments!)

I’m always interested in increasing our readership, so occasionally I check sitemeter to find out how you get here. If you have a blog, you probably do that, too. I’m pleased to be listed on several blogrolls around the universe, and occasionally one of my posts will be reposted elsewhere. But many people simply land here after doing a Google search, and I love to see the words they typed into Google. It’s a fascinating, and sometimes scary, peek into the minds of you readers. Here are some of the more interesting words that readers searched on to land here:
write a poem about jello that start with j
laughter yoga in abu dhabi
benedict gays new year threat
core values neo pagan
get rid caucus
vicious grannies
obam will lose in navada
huckabee son dog strangle
nevada caucus sour grapes
fred thompson dog york sc
god every means page
I have no idea what that last one means or why you ended up here. But I don't think you stuck around. Or did you?

Image thanx to digitalheretex.com.


Sara said...

look at the site meter? oh, no. never.

and certainly not ten times a day.

and never, ever, repeatedly when having a piece picked up somewhere like huffington post.

no no no.

but some of the google searches are a little weird...

Mauigirl said...

A popular search that brings up my blog are various combinations of "maui girls" - and one for "maui call girls"!

Sue J said...

and never, ever, repeatedly when having a piece picked up somewhere like huffington post.

Ha! On "tiger day" (as I now call it) I had 3 pages of "see who's on"! I nearly fell out of my chair!

various combinations of "maui girls"

Mauigirl, I have to admit you have a sexier title than Jello! It's surprising no one ever searches on and +jello +vodka +shot ......

Sara said...

I just did and you're not there! more about jello shots with vodka!!

Sue J said...

Clearly I need to re-think my posting topics!