Friday, November 16, 2007

A rose (or blog) by any other name ...

As you can see, we're undergoing some major renovations here. New template, new look, and now today, a new name.

When I started this blog in May 2007, I had no idea whether anyone would actually read it. (And for a while there, no one did.) This blog was really just an exercise for me to improve my web skills more than anything else. However, I am so pleased that I've had such a positive response to this blog from a wide variety of readers. My posts have been linked on several other sites, and I've become a part of a bigger group of bloggers who write on many of the same issues that I care about and write about.

Although I thought Ramblings of a Madwoman was clever and original, a quick google finds several other blogs with the same or similar names. Some of these are diary-type blogs. Some are about kittens. Now, don't get me wrong — I HEART kittens! But if someone is looking for some snarky analysis of the latest activities of the Bush Administration and they end up at the kitten site, well, that's just wrong.

So I've been playing with new names for this blog to reflect what I write about and how I feel. Of the ones that were not already taken (doh!), Nailing Jello to the Wall seems the most memorable and apropos. In case you're not familiar with the phrase, BoingBoing has a nice explanation:
Given some jelly mixed according to standard procedures and a vertical wall, it is not possible to nail the former to the latter and have it stay there for any significant amount of time.
I welcome your feedback on any and all of these changes, as well as on anything I write about here. I appreciate that you've stopped by and taken the time to read this. It's a fun ride.


Anonymous said...

go for it

krazy kat said...

are you still Pookie?

pookyshoehorn said...

Oh, Krazy, we'll always have Pooky!