Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In a Glamour exclusive, America’s most famous female soldier straightens out the “war hero” controversy once and for all

I'll bet you didn't know I read Glamour magazine, did you? Okay, I don't really. But I do read Mother Jones, and they turned me on to this incredible story written by Jessica Lynch. Give it a read. You never know where you'll find the truth.


Allie said...

I remember when the whole story first came out I was still in and we all couldn't stand her. As the truth slowly surfaced it was the media we couldn't stand. Poor Jessica. I'm glad she's happy now, though. I wish all the hate mail would stop! People are so ignorant.

PookyShoehorn said...

You have a unique insight on this story, and these issues, and I'm glad you're reading my blog!

Stories like this one about Jessica Lynch, and your comments here from your perspective of serving and now having a husband in Iraq, will help the non-military families like mine understand how this whole mess is affecting real people's lives.

I encourage my lurkers (people I know you're out there -- I see the hits!) to click on Allie's profile to read her blog, for a little slice of the realities of military life.

Allie said...

wow thanks for the plug! haha :)

Allie said...

Oh... Josh isn't in Iraq anymore. He was and it sucked, but he made it back safely. He's stuck in Germany without us. If you want the perspective of an angry mom with a deployed husband you should check out my friend Amy's blog.