Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday poetry break: DIY edition

A little over a week ago a simple repair job -- $5.00 replacement part from Homo Depot -- became a complete bathroom renovation. I'm a little stressed. Of course we're doing it all ourselves. (Well, with major help from big brother!) It's a learning opportunity. It's going to be rewarding when it's all done. And besides, says my friend Ingrid, "You thrive in chaos." Um ..... not!

So here's a little limerick (a much under appreciated style, if you ask me) in honor of our bathroom.

How awkward when playing with glue

How awkward when playing with glue
To suddenly find out that you
Have stuck nice and tight
Your left hand to your right
In a permanent how-do-you-do!

— Constance Levy


DCup said...

And you're using the safety measures! Good for you! Hope it goes well.

Sue J said...

Oh -- I HAD to use that mask! There was some really nasty stuff underneath a couple of those layers of linoleum. This shows the last of 'em -- there were 4 layers and a sheet of plywood. It was like an archaeological dig!

Sara said...

oh, I did that once.


afterwards, I believe I said something along the line of never ever again.

Mary Ellen said...

I have to use that mask every time I walk into the bathroom after my husband has been in there. can't live with them and you can't....well, actually I could live without them. ;-)

We'll be seeing a picture of the finished product won't we?

quakerdave said...

Me, I love home repairs. My favorite tool is the phone. After I use that, I use my other favorite tool, my checkbook.

BAC said...

I'm with Quaker Dave on this one! I've just spent (literally) the last two years completely renovating the inside of my house. I think it became a compulsion at some point, but that's another story!

We ripped up all the floors (except the beautiful hardwood in my living and dining room, which we simply refinished), took the wall covering down to the frame, and replaced it with all new flooring and walls.

Changed out all the water pipes and waste lines in the house. Replaced the furnace/AC, and hot water heater. The washer and dryer, all the appliances and cabinets in the kitchen, and the sink, tub and commode in the bathroom. whew ... I'm glad that's done.

Oh, and I also finished the basement and made it into an efficiency apartment (full kitchen and bath) to help pay for everything. It's just about done (don't get me started on why it's taken so long), so I'm hoping to have a renter in soon.

Know anyone who would like to live just outside of DC?


Sue J said...

Well, my advice to anyone thinking of buying a "charming" old house with lots of "character": Be sure you're either very handy, or very ready to part with your money.

Me? I'm Scottish. So I'm very handy....

Morgan said...

It can't be that are wearing your cargo shorts!

donald said...

morgan, i noticed the favorite shorts too, and thought the photo must have been staged! LOL

nice to be handy if you are scotch, i should know.

you will be happy when the project is completed, and it won't seem so bad.

Sue J said...

Yes -- thank god for the cargo shorts! Makes it all worth it!

I'll post a photo when it's all done ... whenever THAT is!

Judy said...

you know, as long as you're experienced in tiling, we've got a bathroom that needs to be redone....

Sue J said...

Judy, is that the bathroom"that scares me"? A little too much red tile?

Judy said...

you betcha!