Friday, June 13, 2008

Eat, drink, and be ... Mary?

So, finally, it's Friday. I've got loads of serious topics banging around in my head, but no time today to get them sorted out enough to post them. Besides, as mentioned, it's Friday.

And while I'm still trying to work through the disappointment of Hillary Clinton stepping out of the battle for the Democratic nomination, there is a great wall women did manage to push down this week: For the first time, the Top Chef is a woman! Stephanie, honey, you can cook for me anytime!

But wait! There's more! One of my favorite stops on my Friday blog travels is Dorothy Surrenders, writen by the snarkolicous Dorothy Snarker. She posts a weekly "My Weekend Crush," and who would it be this weekend but the equally adorable Iron Chef Cat Cora! Yay for foodies!

As Dorothy writes:
I particularly love it when Cat competes against the boys. Sometimes she wins, sometimes she loses. But what she proves is that women can go toe-to-toe with the culinary elite. Good food knows no gender. It’s ironic, really, that the rarefied world of haute cuisine should be so dominated by men. Women are, after all, most associated with cooking. But, of course, that’s just home cooking so that doesn’t count. Well, screw that. A woman’s place doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean she can’t run one and be damn good at it.


FranIAm said...

I never watch Top Chef. I hope that this admission does not get me kicked off your blog! Hee hee!

Now having said that allow me to indulge in some Top Chef name dropping... In season 2 (i think it was 2) there was a chef from LA, Betty. She was the one who got kicked out for putting sugar in something for the kids at Camp Glucose.

Well I have met her - she is a caterer for an annual glittery party that my LA gay gorgeous friends have.

Yes- I realize how exciting this is. I am hearing the crickets myself!

Sue J said...

Au contraire, FranIAm! I remember Betty, and am impressed that you have come in contact with all that is Top Chef!

Christy said...

I was thrilled that Stephanie won! (and yes, it's is about damn time for a women to take the proverbial cake.)

I would watch Cat Cora cook shoe leather. Then I would probably eat it. Love her!

Sue J said...

Christy, I know -- it would probably be really good shoe leather, too!

donald said...

i was totally happy that stephanie won. she was the most consistant and absolutely the best of best. kudos to her!

Distributorcap said...

franiam sent me

and i LOVE top chef
i love all food shows!

Sue J said...

Donald, I agree -- Stephanie was clearly the right choice.

Distributorcap -- welcome! Every season I get addicted to Top Chef -- every season I swear I won't!

BAC said...

Stephanie, honey, you can cook for me anytime!

Me, too! Yikes!