Friday, May 30, 2008

What finger are you?

I swear, I don't know who these people are that keep thinking up these surveys. And, I don't know why I feel compelled to keep taking them. But here's another one. Take from it what you will ....

You Are a Pinky

You are fiercely independent, and possibly downright weird.

A great communicator, you can get along with almost anyone.

You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends - and love them for who they are.

You get along well with: The Ring Finger

Stay away from: The Thumb

Hat tip to MLC, but be careful with that one — she's The Middle Finger!


Sara said...

I, too, am a sucker for these things. I don't know why. but I always do them.

I'm a pinky too... now to see what the wife is

G said...

I'm a ring finger. Who knew?

Mary Ellen said...

I'm a ring finger.

You are romantic, expressive, and hopeful. You see the best in everything.
You are very artistic, and you see the world as your canvas. You are also drawn to the written word.
Inventive and unique, you are often away in your own inner world.

You get along well with: The Pinky

Stay away from: The Index Finger

Good to know I get along with you, Sue...and also glad I'm not the middle finger. Yikes!

MLC said...

Just a note from the "middle finger" which I found frankly rather amusing.

I went to take the test again and changed one of my answers (I'm not that social) trust me.

Then my results were "ring finger" but as I am gay -- that's illegal.

So I say "middle finger" to all.


donald said...

i am an index finger!

You are ambitious, driven, and capable.
You aren't afraid to take responsibility for your actions - or place the blame on whoever deserves it.
You are honest, free thinking, and objective. You see things in your own way - and you aren't afraid to let everyone know about it.

You get along well with: The Thumb

Stay away from: The Ring Finger

Sue J said...

All we're missing is the thumb.


MLC said...

EECK - where will we be without our opposable thumb?


krazy kat said...

Krazy Kat is a pinkie!

Sue J said...

Yay Krazy Kat! We'll pinky swear later today!

Now people, we need a thumb!