Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No question: This girl's got game!

From MyDD:

Hillary Clinton Raises $2.5 Million And Counting

Since Pennsylvania was called for Hillary Clinton 3 hours ago she has raised $2.5 million, 80% of which is from new donors.

Voters do not want this to be over.

UPDATE: Again, from MyDD:
On MSNBC a few minutes ago Terry McCauliffe announced the Hillary Clinton campaign raised $10 million online "with 50,000 brand new donors" since the polls closed in Pennsylvania last night. "The biggest day we've ever had." An impressive amount by any measure and, as I wrote last night, a clear sign that people do not want this primary to be over.
I know there's the "Operation chaos" theory, that Republicans switched their registration in order to be able to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and then vote against her in the general election .... on the grassy knoll, too, I suppose. Anyway, I highly doubt those party-switchers are also donating money. Gee, maybe her support is for real?


Mary Ellen said...

Listening to the spin today on Air America has been interesting. Ed Schultz sounds like he's going to have a cow, and there have been a lot of calls from Hillary supporters which usually doesn't happen. Most Hillary people just gave up on Air America.

The only decent analysis on yesterday's election was on Morning Joe. Even Tweety seemed enamored by Hillary. That won't last long, I'm sure.

Sue J said...

The only decent analysis on yesterday's election

I know, Mary Ellen. I'd say I've seen very little "decent analysis." Everyone's bias is really coming out in the media now. I heard Donna Brazille last night acting coy when asked who she supports, saying she wouldn't announce who she would vote for until it was time to vote. Puh-leez! Can't they just come out and say they back the guy?

I've lost any shred of respect I ever had for any of these pundits. Olbermann was the most disappointing but also made the point most dramatically that noneof them are political journalists. He is, after all, really just a sportscaster.

Mary Ellen said...

suej- I was watching Keith Olbermann last night and couldn't stop laughing. I noticed that all around his mouth his skin looked like it was chapped or something. Then I realized that his lips were so pursed, that it was turning red.

I have a theory. Remember that earthquake in Illinois the other day? I think that was just all the Obama supporters in Illinois stomping their feet in tandum while they whined about the ABC debate. Leeeeave Baaaarrrry Aloooone! Stomp stomp stomp!

Sue J said...

"Let me eat my waffle!!!!!"


Mary Ellen said...

suej- that was sooo funny! I had waffles for breakfast today to celebrate..they were just toaster waffles, but that's ok. I enjoyed every bite.

Did you hear what Axelrod said about how they aren't worried about not getting the white worker vote? This is before the Indiana race? What was he thinking??? Bill Clinton jumped right on it. What a bunch of maroons.

Sue J said...

I think we should all have waffles on the day of the Indiana primary!

Sara said...

I'm going to the sox game in an hour. I'll have some greasy french fries and a big ol' dog in honor of obama.

Morgan said...

Oooohh, NOT fair Sara! Drving to Alewife, Red line in, transfer to the Green, off at Fenway, dogs and beer on Yankee way, sitting behind the bullpen in sec. 42, hoping it doesn't rain and you're standing in 6 inches of water under the bleachers. You know it's Summer! I miss it.

Sue J said...

Bit of a Red Sox fan, are you Morgan?!

Morgan said...

Well, Sue, you know where I've lived so I'm an American League fan. Fenway stole my heart though. If you're there, take the tour. You can see autographs from Babe Ruth to A-Rod in the score board cubby hole, the green wall and the ambiance makes the hair on your arms rise. I've been in Texas during Billy Martin and Nolan Ryan, saw A-Rod's Rookie year in Seattle, and left Boston a bit too early and missed the Series. I'm stuck now in a Midwest town that doesn't have a major league team and I miss it. And if I could raise $10 Million in one day, I'd buy into a team. Know any donors?

Sue J said...

Morgan, I can understand -- I've been to Fenway many times, and there truly is no place like it.

Last year friends from Boston came to visit w/ their 8 yr old son so we went to an Orioles game. He looked around Camden yards and exclaimed "Wow! you have an electronic scoreboard!"

I told my friends they really have to get their kids out in public more often ...

Do you have a minor league team nearby? They're pretty fun to attend.

And how did we get so off-topic? Oh yeah, that was Sara! Hope the Sox won today!

Sara said...

morgan? see what I wrote today. we're section seven, row 9, under the overhang- phew no rain not too much sun but never a pop fly.

we lost but damn... the dogs were great.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Obama should just start putting Olbermann on his payroll. The latter's most recent "analysis" represents spinning at its absolute worst.