Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If it's 8:01 a.m., the news is all happy-like

There's an awful lot going on with our families at the Jello manse right now, and the Unnamed Partner and I are kinda tired. So I decided this morning to sleep in a little bit. And that's why I witnessed the horror that is the "Morning Shows."

On a normal workday, I'm gone long before any of these things come on. I might watch the local news for weather and traffic but that's about it. Every once in a while I see a replay later in the day of Matt Lauer interviewing a senator, Robin Roberts interviewing a cabinet head, or the guy on the CBS Early Show interviewing some economist (and why can't I ever remember the CBS guy's name?).

And then suddenly at 8 o'clock a.m., it's as if they turn a switch and become mindless morons who happily begin gossiping about Britney Spears' appearance on a sitcom, or grilling steaks -- Cajun style! -- or, and this is definitely my favorite story of the day:
Diane, Robin, Chris and Sam tasted several interesting chip flavors this morning.
To quote Ellen DeGeneres, "my point, and I do have one," is this: Are we really depending on these people for our news?! How can they go from hard-hitting interviews at 7:45 and then be "tasting chips" at 8:00?

It makes me shudder, but it also makes me understand some of the level of political discussion I see and hear lately.

Yes: chips, presidential candidates -- we do it all at GMA!


Cootamundra W said...

Glad you slept in but for someone like you, AM TV is truely RUDE awakening.

It's really quite simple - YOU have a different definition of the word "news" and of the word (and variants thereof) "importance".

Thinking of you and Unnamed Partner as well as your families... wishing you well.

donald said...

to call the morning shows news shows, is always a bit of a stretch. they give you 30-45 minutes of what i call "news mcnuggets" and then happily go about with the tabloid news of the day. truly a sorry state. glad you were able to sleep in though, next time just put on NPR!

Mauigirl said...

It is just fluff, nothing but fluff. I have accidentally tuned in to these shows sometimes if I'm on vacation and it is mind-numbing! My in-laws (bless them, they are lovely people, but totally apolitical although thank goodness at least they do vote and they are Democrats) used to watch Kathy and Regis RELIGIOUSLY every morning. I had to hear about what Regis did almost every day. They seem to have gotten out of that lately, thank goodness. Maybe they don't like Kelly.

Anyway, I digress...couldn't agree with you more. This is why our country is in such a bad state. That and the so-called "evening news" that has no substance whatsoever.

Sue J said...

Cootamundra w., thank you for thinking of us right now, when I know you are going through such a difficult time yourself.

*big hug*

Sue J said...

I know. What was I thinking!!

I should have just thrown on a jacket and taken my coffee and the dog outside!


I find Regis very very scary! I'm glad to hear that your in-laws have reformed!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

At least they don't do propoganda, ala "Fox and Friends". It could be worse, I guess is what I'm trying to say

Sue J said...

Very true -- at least there is the 8 o'clock divide. These folks never cover anything remotely political after 8 a.m.

Anonymous said...

I never watch the a.m. network shows so I didn't realize that they have a time shift for their content.

May I suggest sexism?

"Men" are on the road to work and the mommies who aren't supposed to care about thinky, complicated things are all interested in Britney and Paris Hilton and chip flavors and steak recipes. They don't have time for hard news.

Sue J said...

Shouldn't have to bother their "beautiful minds," eh?