Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph Nader: The Republican's BFF

Note to Ralph Nader: The presidential campaign has been going on for a while. Now is not the time to jump in with self-righteous claims of offering a viable third party candidacy.
Ralph Nader says he will run again as an independent for the US presidency.

Mr Nader was accused by many Democrats of handing the presidency to George W Bush in the November 2000 elections. He ran again unsuccessfully in 2004.

Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are vying for the Democratic ticket. Senator John McCain is almost certain to run for the Republicans.

Nearly three million Americans - more than 2% of the vote - backed Mr Nader when he stood as the Green Party candidate in the 2000 presidential election.

That election was so close that a small proportion of those votes - particularly in the key state of Florida - would have put Al Gore in the White House.
You remember Florida, don't you? So thank you, Mr. Nader, for 7 years of rule under George W. Bush. Will he hand it to John McCain next?


Mauigirl said...

He is such an egomaniac. I am so annoyed with him.

Sue J said...

I heard him on NPR this afternoon. I thought maybe he'd convince me, but no. Although he makes an excellent case about the negative effects of a 2-party system, the fact remains that he enters the race at a crucial point for many disgruntled voters and -- yes, Ralph -- serves as a "spoiler."

He was indignant at that word in the interview.