Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Clinton and Obama sittin' in a tree ....

Well, not quite, but I am pleased to hear that both the Clinton and Obama camps are calling for everyone to roll back the raced-related hyperbole that has been thrown around over the past week. I believe that by each candidate making this call, each one is also taking responsibility for their own part in it. Both campaigns have been guilty of making irresponsible statements and of overreacting to statements made by their opponents.

From The Raw Story:
"Over this past week, there has been a lot of discussion and back and forth - much of which I know does not reflect what is in our hearts," Clinton said in a statement. "And at this moment, I believe we must seek common ground."

"I don't want the campaign at this stage to degenerate to so much tit-for-tat, back-and-forth, that we lose sight of why we are doing this," continued Obama, as quoted by The Politico. "If I hear my own supporters engaging in talk that I think is ungenerous or misleading or unfair, I will speak out forcefully against it."
Peace on the Potomac. Now let's win the White House, people!

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