Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Will someone please send this little boy off to bed now?

It's time we stopped letting him play his war games with the lives of so many innocents around the world. He has lived in his own reality since the day he was born, and his own "service" has given him a bizarre sense of what war is really like.

He's not alone. A very interesting site examines the service of all the prominent politicians in the war debate. Take a look. You may be suprised at who didn't serve -- and who did. Turns out that when you've actually experienced battle, you tend to think it's a bad idea. Hunh.

And if you got 5 deferements (Cheney), 7 deferments (Ashcroft), were 4-F (Limbaugh -- "inoperable pilonidal cyst"), then I guess war just seems like a really great business opportunity.

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