Thursday, December 20, 2007


I love my dad. Yesterday I drove my parents to a doctors appointment, and on the way back we passed a house whose front yard that looked very much like this one:

As we passed by, my father -- who only goes to church with my mom so she isn't driving alone, -- shook his head and said, "What would Jesus say?"


Cootamundra Wattle said...

I think he'd be as dismayed as your father.

I also hope that the appointment went OK.

Sue J said...

Thanks -- yes, everything went fine. My parents are at the age where they should have someone else go with them to appointments -- mom's memory is not good and dad's hard of hearing. Trying to find out from them "what the doctor said" has been increasingly difficult!

My brothers (2, older) and I are entering a new phase of life with our parents, and it has been a challenge. Apparently I am the project manager in all of this. Good thing I took some project management courses in my last job!